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Tacita T-Race
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Tacita T-Race

The problem with electric motorbikes has always been their limited autonomy and general performance.  Tacita, an Italian factory, has built a brand new electric motorbike that will bridge that gap.

The team of Tacita decided to test the T-Race in the hardest form of racing there is; African Rally Raid! The Tacita race team has competed at the Merzouga rally at the end of  2012 in Morocco.  “We want to make sure we have a bike that will be reliable and can endure anything for our customers. Merzouga rally was a good opportunity for us to test our T-race. Our objective was to gather as much data as possible rather than results and it is mission accomplished” explains PierPaolo  Rigo, co-founder of Tacita. 

They ask the Canadian Patrick Trahan a multiple Dakar (2000, 2001 and 2010) and rally pilot to be their rider for this occasion. “I was much honored to test the T-Race. I feel like I am part of a new beginning. I have race many rally here in Merzouga, but it is the first time that I raced in silence. It was such a new experience for me; I realize that I could concentrate more on my riding. The T-Race performs like any rally bike and was very good to ride in the dunes.” added Trahan.

Trahan and Tacita team manage to make a lots of world premiere. They were the first electric enduro to start a rally raid race. They were the first electric motorcycle to traverse they entire Merzouga dunes and finally they are the first to have finish and actually win the NEW ENERGY category.

The "Tacita project" (from Tàcita, Latin name of the Roman goddess of silence) springs from the desire to develop a motorbike which respects the environment and the people around us, yet being a true machine for real off-roading. After twenty years of passion for both recreational and competitive enduro, our goal was to build the perfect electric enduro bike, which would be able to compete with traditional motorbike combustion engines, giving sensations of pure riding, yet being moved by a completely “zero-emission” electric engine. Tacita was born in 2009, to produce a new enduro bike with electric propulsion performance, whilst being innovative and unique in its characteristics.  Since then, our effort has focused on research, engineering and design, to create an Italian bike with temperament, unique in its kind. The result is the new “T-RACE”: passion, nature, strength, silence, respect, emotions.

T-RACE is the first motorbike built step by step for Enduro riding, and for the pleasure of feeling as one with nature around us, yet its name also stands for the gentle “trace” left by the bike. The aims: Zero emission, no noise, respecting the planet - along with ergonomics, high-tech features, long-range riding, and great fun; all packed in a “legal on+off-road” enduro bike.  Satisfying these requirements was at the heart of the Tacita project.  For the first time, sharing the trail with other hikers or bikers without disturbing wildlife and without noise and pollution, has become reality.

"During the tests, we have always been approached by people with curiosity and admiration.  Just a very soft sound announces the arrival of the motorbike – quite similar to that of an MBT bicycle!- which  does not bother anyone, not even children.

Tacita can supply a trailer that works as a solar-energy charging station and storage cabinet.  It can charge battery packs without using conventional electricity supplied by power plants.  In daylight , the  solar-panelled roof over the trailer, “gullwings”-shaped to maximise exposure to solar input, converts light into electrical energy and stores new energy into the  buffer batteries, usable at night or on rainy days  to recharge the bike's battery packs,  independently and without generating emissions.

T-Race is built with accurate craft in Italy by a team of professionals, combining many years of experience and passion for motorcycling.  Customers can interact directly with the project managers to order a tailor-fitted bike to suit their needs in terms of use as well as aesthetics. Each T-Race can be unique.

The electric engine of 3-phase alternate current has a rated power of 8 kW and a peak power of 24 kW, fed by lithium-polymer rechargeable batteries with a maximum capacity of 10,6 kW, and 2.000 charging cycles. These accumulators – the most advanced technology available for electric mobility, is contained in four high-strength aeronautical aluminium tanks, two on the front, two on the rear, which provide safety, shock protection and high heat-exchange, thus ensuring optimum cooling. The batteries offer a range of about 100 kilometers on racing.

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