Prestige Electric Car PrestigeElectricCar With new VBB-3 the Venturi/Buckeye Bullet Team like to pass 500 km/h. […]
Venturi VBB-3
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Venturi VBB-3

With new VBB-3 the Venturi/Buckeye Bullet Team like to pass 500 km/h.

On August 2013 the Venturi/Buckeye Bullet Team with driver Roger Schroer will attempt to beat its own world speed record for an electric vehicle reaching 515 km/h in the new Venturi VBB3.  The attempt will take place at Salt Flats, Bonneville (Utah – USA), a legendary meeting-place for fanatical speed freaks and gentlemen drivers, a land where records have been set and broken since 1914.

A new 3000hp electric vehicle is in process under the direction of the Venturi research department, in partnership with the Ohio State University Center for Automotive Research (USA). In august 2014, the Venturi VBB-3 evolutions should make posible to reach a new target: 700 km/h.

Since 2009, the Venturi/Buckeye Bullet Team holds the world speed record for an electric vehicle of 487 km/h in 2009 and 495 km/h in 2010.

The same sporting spirit inspires the Venturi/Buckeye Bullet team on both sides of the Atlantic. 30 people in Venturi’s research unit in Monaco and 20 engineering and Ph.D. students at the Ohio State University combine their skills to ensure the success of this program aimed at chalking up new records.

The Venturi VBB-3 belongs to a long tradition of record-breaking electric vehicles. Known as the Jamais Contente, it pays homage to Camille Jenatzy’s electric car; the first to have broken the legendary 100 km/h barrier reaching on April 29th, 1899, in Archères (France) 105,9 km/h. See also historic story at Prestige Electric Car.Com.

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