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CRP Energica electric streetbike
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CRP Energica electric streetbike

Innovation and entrepreneurial genius from the manufacturer of Modena have led to the creation of ENERGICA, the first Italian prototype of electric streetbike.

ENERGICA represents the first model of electric motorcycle made-in-Italy. ENERGICA comes from the passion and experience of CRP Group that has faced the challenge of changing habits.

The CRP Group is composed of six companies: CRP Engineering, CRP Meccanica, CRP Racing, CRP Technology, CRP Service and CRP USA. Each company represents an example of excellence in their respective fields. From the experience of more than 40 years in the world of F1 working with top international teams, the CRP Group has great know-how in particular sectors, from additive manufacturing, to high performing CNC machining and development of two-wheel racing vehicles in both combustion engines and electric power, with the service attention focused to the customer.

They have used the finest technology in order to design, ENERGICA, a future eco-friendly vehicle with high performance. ENERGICA is a fancy, aggressive superbike that wants to entertain, excite and inspire the rider even for a glance. Pure electric power from the Italian motorcycle and a mixture of technology and innovation that make ENERGICA unique and a good option to traditional vehicles. This "proudly made-in-Modena" supersport electric streetbike is sophisticated, aggressive and reflects the combination of technology, innovation and tradition, making it unique.

Eco-friendly, zero emissions and a lot of adrenaline, ENERGICA can reach a top speed of  220 km/h and it can count on relevant technical partners beside being built with F1 technologies.  Furthermore, it is equipped with a PMAC synchronous motor with permanent magnets and a full ride by wire with selectable power maps with a power of 100Kw oil cooled and a torque of 160Nm. Energica has a range of 150 km at a speed of 70 km/h. The batteries can be recharged within 3 hours with a normal socket or in less than 30 minutes to 80% of batteries capacity with direct current. The battery has a nominal capacity of 11.7 kWh.

The braking system is Brembo. It has double monolitic calipers with radial mount, 4 pistons, and rear 2 pistons caliper. Tyres are from the series Pirelli Diablo Rosso II. The rear mono absorber as the steering damper is from Sachs. The 43 mm front fork is from Marzocchi. From the point of view of electronics, Energica is equipped with a digital instrument panel with multifunction LCD, and the lights are LED. Furthermore Energica is equipped with a braking system that allows to recover useful energy for the functioning of the motorcycle, known as regenerative braking, just as it happens in F1.

This 100% electric superbike coming from the passion and expertise of CRP has launched the  challenge for the affirmation of future eco-friendly technology. CRP also has chosen as testimonial for its advertising campaign dedicated to the electric street motorcycle ENERGICA, the kite world champion Mitu Monteiro. which is considered to be the pioneer of the discipline called Strapless freestyle, namely the use of the surfboard for leaps and pirouettes with the kite. The sport is the winning factor, in which we compare two worlds that are very close to each other, on one hand the Cape Verdean Mitu Monteiro and on the other hand the Italian superbike ENERGICA. Adrenaline, boldness, strength and passion are characteristics common to both : indeed CRP has had to get involved, body and soul into a project that started from a blanket sheet and now it has become the first Italian prototype of electric motorcycle.

ENERGICA will be available for purchase worldwide in 2014.

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