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Pariss two-seater electric roadster
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Pariss two-seater electric roadster

A new two-seater electric roadster with four-wheel-drive and range-extender

The French Pariss prototype makes its entrance onto the scene at the Paris MotorShow 2012. This roadster whose style is full of finesse and emotion is driven by two electric motors mounted over the two axles with a cumulative power of 100 kW. The Pariss can go from 0 to 60 mph in less than 5 seconds and offers exceptional thrills on the track thanks to its lightweight structure of only 1,650 pounds. The French-made batteries give it a range of 125 miles on just one 5 hour recharge using any standard outlet.

Inside the Pariss, the driver immediately finds his mark in a resolutely luxurious ambiance designed for two. With a length of 360cm, a width of 175cm and a wheelbase of 230 cm, the four-wheel drive Pariss is a very compact sport car made on carbón fiber and an interior of rare and precious wood. Since the production end of the Tesla two-seater sport car there is a run for this kind of silence and compact sport electric vehícles around the world.

The manufacturer opted for a wide variety of ultralight materials such as carbon and aluminium. Its overriding aim is to offer clients a wide range of possibilities to personalize their future interiors. Each client who orders a Pariss will meet the car’s experts who handle the interior leather and wood craft in order to choose from an infinite selection of leather, alcantara, fine wood and so more decorative aspects.

“Today, it is possible to get very amazing results from the wood more easily. With all the different kinds of matte, satin and shiny varnishes, the materials that we can create, the possibilities are infinite”, said Mickael Sabatier, the car woodcrafting expert. In the end, each Pariss is completely unique. The interior is “à la carte” allowing owners to tailor their car to their own personality.

The commercialization of the Pariss Roadster in Europe – a 100% made in France electric sport car - is scheduled for early 2014. Its price will be around € 60,000. Announced at the Geneva Motor Show 2013, the Pariss electric roadster will also be available with an optional range extender which will increase the autonomy from 200km (125miles) to 700km (435miles). The very high tech system will only add 70kg (154lbs) to the Pariss.

Born into a family of inventors like Laszlo Biro, the inventor of the ballpoint pen, Damien Biro, CEO Founder of Pariss, has worked on the Pariss project since 2009. He has surrounded himself with top, young talents with a wide array of skill sets, technical experts and individual investors who are all sports car enthusiasts.
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