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Silex Power´s has successfully embarked on an ambitious mission – to develop and deliver an electric vehicle that combats all negative public perceptions about electric vehicles.

Apart from being an EV, Chreos is first and foremost a luxury car. It´s smooth and elegant surface, devoid of any unnecessary grooves and etches, delivers a timeless beauty that is poised to become a classic in automotive design. The perfectly proportioned dimensions bear the hallmarks of a premium luxury car. Its classical retro design understates the performance of its powerful drivetrain, delivering a message of supreme luxury and agility. Another striking feature in the design is the total lack of a radiator grille – a feature associated with the internal combustion engine. Chreos, features an intelligent integration of cooling vents for the electric motors and battery packs. Constructed totally of carbon fibre and other exotic materials, Chroes weighs in at 2200kgs. LED and OLED lighting technology will be utilized throughout the car including headlamps and taillights.

The drive train of Chreos is nothing short of revolutionary! Featuring 4 electric motors (one per wheel) delivering a 680bhp and a staggering 4400Nm of torque, Chreos will sprint from 0 to 100Km/h in less than 2.9 seconds, and reach 200Km/h in less than 6 seconds. The vehicle is capable of reaching a comfortable top speed of 300Km/h. Its battery pack – a massive 200KWh – provides an overall travelling distance of 1000Km on a single charge, thus sustaining a vehicle autonomy that is unheard of at this level of performance; all this with zero tailpipe emissions. The electric motors also deliver an unrivalled level of performance and economy, thus bridging the best of both worlds. Coupled with an advanced Battery Management System, Chreos´s motors can operate at various power levels without effecting the battery performance and lifetime. The individual torque vectoring and motor control will also provide a new level of road stability and manoeuvring that is impossible with a typical single motor system. Wheels will be mounted on innovative magnetic suspensions for a pleasant and comfortable ride, reacting to road conditions instantaneously, offering various levels of riding comfort, all of which which can be customized according to user preferences.

Another revolutionary feature that Silex Power will be introducing to the international market with the advent of Chreos is our HyperCharging Technology. These charging stations which will be installed on highway service stations allow the charging of the massive Chreos battery pack in less than 10 minutes. This technology provide the same flexibility of fuel-based cars, and eliminates all concerns currently associated with electric vehicles in general. Chreos will also support charging from current charging stations, allowing backwards compatibility with existing technologies. Last but not least, Chreos will also feature a wireless charging station for domestic use. This charging station will allow Chreos to charge from 0 to full power in a domestic environment in 10 hours. Drivers will just have to park Chreos in their car port and the system will automatically take over charging.

Chreos has been designed as a computer on wheels, defying all notions associated with other vehicles. Advanced control features allow a level of safety and comfort that are not available on other vehicles currently on the market. Its fully customisable dashboard, a touchscreen over 2 meters wide will allow the driver and passenger to change the information on display, including the type and position of various monitoring and information systems.

The rear passengers will feast their eyes on a large 20” diagonal screen lodged in the rear of the front seats, and will also be provided with an extractable tray, which features an integrated tablet computer. Screens installed in the rear doors will allow monitoring of vehicle information and also act as the control panel for the rear passenger amenities.  A high-end sound system will also be installed in the vehicle, delivering in addition to the internal audio of the vehicle external noise cancellation.

Fully integrated GPS technology will ensure that when embarking for a long trip, Chreos will automatically select the stopping points for charging in addition to the optimal route, ensuring a safe and fast arrival to the selected destination. Chreos will be connected to an Intelligent Driving Information Centre, where information is anonymously gathered from all Chreos models on the road, processed and redistributed to the other vehicles. Utilizing artificial intelligence and having all the vehicles on the road collecting data, our system will grow more intelligent as more cars roll out of our production lines. An example of this technology is the terrain conditions where speed must be reduced due to uneven terrain or bumps; the information is fed to our central control unit. All cars will then receive the information and have their suspensions automatically adjusted and if necessary speed automatically reduced when approaching the area thus delivering the smoothest ride possible to the driver and passengers. This system will also adjust itself in accordance to each particular individual´s driving habits, thus managing the drivetrain in a way that is congruous with the particular driver´s style.

The electronic management system will also be upgradable. The Chreos drive train, including motor management and battery management system are controlled by software and advancements in technology will allow better battery and motor management. Chreos users can have their software updated to the latest technology thus benefiting from all the advancements. Additionally, navigation systems, ICE and other multimedia features are also upgradable allowing the owners to always have the latest in technology. Most of these updates will be carried out remotely and will be totally transparent to the user. These and other features make Chreos such an advanced vehicle that is already setting standards in the automotive market and is fast becoming a benchmark which other manufactures will try and emulate.

Chreos is a first and the first in line of a comprehensive range of vehicles. At Silex Power we are already working on lower end vehicles intended for the mass market, vehicles that will inherit a number of the advanced technological features that are available in Chreos, such as the multimedia and ICE systems, 4 motor drivetrain, excellent vehicle autonomy and HyperCharging compatibility. More information on these vehicles will be released during the forthcoming months. Chreos and all other cars will be manufactured in Malta. Whilst Chreos will be have a limited run of 300 units, other vehicles that will follow will be manufactured in series production.

In order to transform this project into reality, Silex is already recruiting a team of high-level professionals and experts in automotive design engineering from all over the world. The Company is aware that only by hiring the best people on the market will it secure the provision of second-to-none quality products and services. Silex´s goal is to meet and exceed customer requirements and expectations on a recurrent basis. Silex is also in the process of forming a number of strategic alliances with various manufacturers and service providers. Interested parties can visit the careers section on the Silex Power website or use the information provided below.

Silex Power is also presently seeking reputable and trustworthy investors that wish to participate in this exciting journey. Since only a limited number of investors are being sought, interested parties are urged to contact us promptly at their earliest convenience.

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