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Visiobike is a startup company from Croacia founded within Founder Institute startup accelerator with a goal of making high tech electric bicycle with carbon fiber frame.

Visiobike has developed technology which enables integration of every smartphone with components on the Visiobike.

Technology makes Visiobike safer and very easy to use! For example, user can unlock and lock the Visiobike with a pin code on the smartphone. Only after entering a correct pin code user can turn on the electric motor and use Visiobike.

On the application user can monitor speed, battery level, change electric motor assistance level and plan the route on the navigation screen.

One of the cool features of smartphone integration is a high tech rear view mirror. Small HD camera mounted under the seat sends the image to the Visiobike application which turns the smartphone screen in the most advanced rear view mirror ever seen on bicycle.

The compnay is particularly proud of integration of their own automatic transmission. Complex algorithm monitors rider cadence, travel speed, level of the electric motor assistance and even elevation to determine every 10 milliseconds what is the optimum gear ratio. The result is very relax riding experience where you are always in the right gear.

Visiobike team thinks that the design of the product is very important and therefor we have hired professional product design studio in Croatia called Absolute Design to create this unique and stylish design. By using Autoclave technology for making the carbon fiber we are able to achieve the top quality of the Visiobike.

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