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Scutum S02 Cargo
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Scutum S02 Cargo

The Scutum S02 Cargo, entirely made in Spain, is starting to be known for its high quality and perfect preparation as a delivery vehicle.

The Prestige Electric Car testing team has had the pleasure of testing the Scutum S02 Cargo, an electric motorcycle designed for use by companies or commercial delivery service, having a rear load carrier that can hold up to 75kg weight and the ability to add a smaller one in the front with a maximum load of 20kg.

This electric motorcycle has a great power allowing its use in fast and bypass roads, which makes it ideal for use as a delivery scooter, though, depend heavily on the chosen battery. The cheapest option is a lithium-ion phosphate (LiFePo4) of 1.92 kW/h 40Ah, offering a top speed of 65km/h and a range of about 60 kilometers in the Economic mode. If the customer chooses to spend a little more money he takes the LiFe PO4 battery of 2.88 kW/h and 60Ah, that helps you to reach speeds of up to 75km/h and increase the range to about 85 kilometers in Economic mode.

Regardless of the selected battery, the Scutum S02 features a brushless electric hub motor (HUB 13 inch) of 4 kW of power, which develops a torque of 140 Nm. The front wheel is suspended in a telescopic fork of 65 mm and the rear carries a double acting shock absorber with dry nitrogen and with 65 mm. The Scutum uses hydraulic brake with two piston of 220mm floating discs on both front and rear wheel.

Nearly the whole componentes of this motorcycle originates from Spain except the LiFePo4 battery cells no European manufacturers offers, which came from an Asian source.

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