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Q-Scooter, clean and nice
01 December 2013

Q-Scooter, clean and nice

    The Q is clean, quick and ready for the internet era. A robust electric scooter concept for the Dutch company QWIC. no sound, zero emission.

    Urbanization is a global megatrend. Life is concentrating in metropolitan areas. It is putting pressure on the environment. In a time when natural resources are becoming scarce the eye is on the development of sustainable, personal transport.

    Q is a vision on individual transport brought back to an original form. Convenient, lightweight, practical. The frame is the spine. It supports the overall rigidity and is the basic fundament for the complete exterior design, protecting more vulnerable parts. The open space under the seat enables the driver to carry the personal luggage. Removable batteries and a built in charger ensure flexibility. All you need is a socket.

    Design is not everything. The Q is super lightweight, has a low center of gravity and superb cornering. The detachable battery system of 4kWh combined with the 5,5kW electric motor in the rear wheel gives best acceleration and range (up to 160km) in his class. The Q is fun to ride and cool to have!(Over 8 patents applications pending).

    Many Metropolises are old cities, that weren´t built for this much traffic. 80% of all car rides are below 15km. That is why every main city has a congestion problem. An urban designed electric scooter with the premium quality people recognize from their car quality could be the perfect solution for commuting through the larger cities.

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