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Spanish Irizar in ZeEUS project
30 January 2014

Spanish Irizar in ZeEUS project

    The Spanish bus manufacturer Irizar participates in the ZeEUS project to implement electric buses in the main European cities.

    This past 23 January, Irizar participated in the launch of the ZeEUS project, which stands for "Zero Emission vehicles in Urban Society". The project was presented in Brussels, and it marks an important milestone in ecological urban transport.

    The objective of this innovative project is to develop high-capacity electric vehicles and to create the corresponding infrastructures for recharging so as to implement a fully electric solution in most European city bus networks.

    Using electricity as an alternative fuel for road transport helps reduce atmospheric contamination, greenhouse gas emissions and acoustic contamination.

    The project is led by the International Association of Public Transport (UITP), which coordinates 40 members (including Irizar) that represent all the categories of the parts involved in mobility within an innovative project for expansion.

    In the words of its president, Sir Peter Hendy, Commander of the Order of the British Empire,
    “The use of electricity as fuel has been identified as one of the most promising alternative fuels for transport, and its application in the field of city buses is gaining strength. This is one of the most ambitious electromobility projects to be funded by the European Commission.”

    The project, with a 42-month duration, will focus on showing the economic, operational, environmental and social viability of electric buses as a real alternative for mobility in urban environments based on various innovative technological
    solutions in eight European cities:  Barcelona, London, Glasgow, Stockholm, Münster, Rome, Pilsen and Bonn, with different weather and orographic environments.

    IRIZAR is the only Spanish bus and coach manufacturer and one of the two representatives of the European sector that will participate in the project by delivering two electric urban buses to the  TMB company in the city of Barcelona.
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