Prestige Electric Car PrestigeElectricCar Under the care of Bann Industries from Hongkong, Ariel Rider is giving old school design a new lease […]
Ariel Rider, old school design
14 March 2014

Ariel Rider, old school design

    Under the care of Bann Industries from Hongkong, Ariel Rider is giving old school design a new lease of life. While cruiser bikes have been viewed with a nostalgic gloss, consumers are opening their eyes to what have become game changer technologies, unique craftsmanships and styles. What defines Ariel Rider is, perfection in details: perfectly hand stitched handlebar grips, advanced trip computer and powerful-low energy consuming motor. It’s hard to think how such beautiful design features have never come back before now.

    Enjoy the confidence of a durable and lightweight structure while you move with audacity. The bike's allaluminum body and no-plastics frame combine to create an ideal ride.

    The safety center of Ariel Rider has hit the top spot of ebike safety measures not just because of its daring control system, its advanced disc brakes and its LED lights but also its ability to define itself by turning on its lights when it’s dark outside. Charm of old school’s wonderful self-reinvention continues to impres.

    The main purpose of this product is far beyond from just taking you from point A to B, but rather give riders an unparalleled experience. Since the release of the first brand ‘e-Bann’ (ebikes currently available in 17 countries), got many sustainability awards and the company has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from partners and customers: everyone loves the convenience of an ebike that brings to their lives. Keeping that in mind Ariel Rider doesn’t only manufacture the best products they can, but they also provide a great customer service.
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