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Irizar, from carriage to electric buses
13 May 2014

Irizar, from carriage to electric buses

    The Spanish manufacturer Irizar celebrates its 125th anniversary by participating in an innovative project to deploy electric buses in the main cities of the world and with the initiative to be an important part in changing the cities to be cleaner and more human places.

    All indications are that public transport will take great relevance in the present and future discussions regarding climate change and solutions to take to reduce pollution. The objectives are to develop high-capacity electric vehicles and to create the corresponding infrastructures suitables for recharge to implement a fully electric solution in most European urban bus networks.

    Irizar is preparing some 100% electric buses and coaches with their own technology that is based on providing an output of 180 kW (nominal) and 230 kW (peak) with a torque between 1500 Nm and 3,100 Nm. They estimate a range of 200 up to 250 kilometers and a type of interchanging between fast recharge - if necessary - and slow recharge, safer for batteries, in the hours out of use of the models.

    Irizar models will also have pioneering technologies in the areas of air conditioning - a pre-conditioning using the energy of electric recharging network - and, among other innovations, a driver assistance to reduce consumption up to the maximum and therefore increase autonomy.

    Irizar was founded in 1889 as a repair shop for carriages, stagecoaches and its components. In 1927 launched its first bus with mechanical traction. In 1995 the company started with the international expansion opening its first production plant outside Spain in Tianjin (China ), one year after another in Morocco, in 1998 in Brazil, in 1999 a plant in Mexico to finish in 2001 with a plant in India. The Basque company is now well positioned in key international markets, which will also serve to introduce its new all-electric models.
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