Prestige Electric Car PrestigeElectricCar Based on the concept of the aluminium airport bus the German COBUS Industries GmbH presents the […]
COBUS electric bus for airports
13 June 2014

COBUS electric bus for airports

    Based on the concept of the aluminium airport bus the German COBUS Industries GmbH presents the Generation COBUS 2500, to be equipped either with conventional Diesel engine or as fully electric drive.

    As the COBUS 2500 has a width of only 2,55 m it is now possible to have the reputable COBUS brand also with permission for public urban transportation. Thus, the COBUS 2500 is both in demand of airports as well as municipalities. Besides the Diesel buses which are successfully operating since almost three decades the – E.COBUS – now is the first pure (100 %) electrically operated COBUS. COBUS Industries GmbH’s response to the increasing demand for environmental protection.

    Some strong technical data: The permanent magnet drive of the – E.COBUS – is powered by 7 Lithium ion batteries with a total capacity of 150 kWh. Depending on the drive profile and mode of operation the on board energy density is sufficient for a drive of approx. 120 to 160 km. Recharge of batteries is done at steady-state charging stations. In only 3 hours time the bus is 100 % recharged. In addition, the – E.COBUS – is equipped with an on-board-charging system.

    The combination of a complete recharge (for example time-fill) and the possibility of rapid recharge during dead times enables a smooth and efficient full-time operation in a bus line.

    The passenger compartment of the – E.COBUS – is equipped with two extra-wide doors for facilitated and comfortable embarking and disembarking. Of course, a wheel chair ramp is also available for passengers with reduced mobility. With a sufficient number of seats and standing area the – E.COBUS – is the ideal city bus.

    This electric version of COBUS will be built in Portugal by Salvador Caetano.

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