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Daymak off-road e-bike
06 December 2014

Daymak off-road e-bike

    Daymak new invention, the Beast off-road / on road solar self charging eBike. This electric off-road scooter can be charged from 15W solar panel attached to battery pack, which offers up to 25 miles (45 km) of driving range.

    Daymak's Beast is an all-new off-road eBike, completely designed and created in Canada. The Beast is also street-legal, allowing riders to enjoy it on the trails, in the woods, on a farm, camping, on a mining camp, on rough terrain, or in the city. Main features include a Daymak solar panel and an enclosed battery pack that recharges continuously.

    "The Beast is part scooter, part dirt bike, but it's actually a bicycle; 100% fun, 100% green, and it is street legal. That's right, you can take it on the road with no insurance or license in most of the civilized world!" states Aldo Baiocchi Founder/CTO of Daymak Inc.

    Daymak has developed an innovative new stiffer chassis fitted with longer travel suspension at both ends which will give the rider improved comfort and handling. This amazing new eBike comes in different configurations with powerful 4700 lumens led headlights, 15W solar panel battery case, customized hub motor, lithium batteries, torque sensor, extra large seat and cargo racks with increased load capacity.

    "The Beast is perfect for the trails or the road. Imagine going quietly in the woods or going off on dirt roads, and then going straight on to legal roads. You can go camping, use it on a farm, a mining camp site, on a dirt road. This Beast can do it all," said Daymak CTO, Aldo Baiocchi. "The Beast has been a couple of years in development and it's built to roar! We want the rider to have a comfortable, powerful ride whether it's on or off-road. There isn't anything else built to take it the way The Beast can."

    Fully electric, the Beast can go as fast as 25km/h (15.53mph) with up to 45 km (25 miles) range. It is quiet, economical, good for the environment, and can take the rider anywhere they want to go. The enclosed solar panel battery case gives 5 distinctive advantages. First, the battery is always trickle charging, thus avoiding the number one failure of all ebikes which is battery failure from not being charged for long periods of time. Second, the solar panel yields about 10 km / 6 miles range per 10 hours of any day light. If the rider does not ride more than 40 km/25 miles a week, they never have to plug it in to charge the battery. Third, lower cost of charging. Fourth, less carbon foot print, & finally, the removable battery pack can be used as a back up generator since it comes with 2 USB plugs.

    Daymak is launching the Beast at special pledge pricing from $1599 CAD to $3699 CAD or 1499$ USD to 3699$ USD depending on various configurations. Daymak will offer its backers worldwide shipping options. Several stretch goals have been set from higher quality components such us Samsung Lithium batteries, all the way to the smartphone app for the Beast that will give the rider features such us speedometer, odometer, GPS, voltage meter and much more!

    The Daymak Beast campaign launched on July 1 and will run for 30 days. Funding on Kickstarter is all-or-nothing. The Beast must meet its goal of $99,000 by July 31 or it will not receive any funding.

    "We believe that the Beast is an extremely useful product. It is 100% green and it's 100% a blast to ride everywhere!" says Baiocchi. "The response from the Kickstarter community will help us gauge the public's interest, fund the initial manufacturing runs, and bring the Daymak Beast to market.

    Daymak, a Toronto-based company incorporated in 2002, is a leading developer and distributor of personal light electric vehicles with over 150 dealers across Canada. Daymak's main technology is the patent pending Daymak Drive System (DDS). The Daymak Drive System is a revolutionary self charging system made up of wireless and wired controllers, encased battery, solar panels, and a wireless throttle for light electric vehicles. Daymak's accolades include the Clean Tech North Award, Profit Magazine's Top 100, 200 & 500 Canada's Fastest Growing Companies, Top Women Entrepreneurs Award and it was also named one of Ontario's greenest companies.

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