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Zeus Twelve, for selected people only
01 August 2014

Zeus Twelve, for selected people only

    The new Swedish company Zeus Twelve pretends to create three different vehicles with future design elements for very selected people who likes the exclusivity.

    Zeus Twelve, a subcompnay from Gray Design, delivers artwork you can drive, an electric motorcycle, a sport car and a motor yacht, all of them environmentally conscious - but only the chopper is electric -, with only 12 copies of each model made. People can buy the three vehicles together for 1.249.000 €, or individually, the electric chopper for 89.000 €, the sport ca on Lotus chassis for 389.000 € and the special yacht with four bedrooms for 789.000 €.

    The electric chopper, called Thorium, is an electric bike like no other. Designed specifically for the luxery market, the detailing and build quality are second to none. The Thorim has a really futuristic design and is equipped by a modern battery pack that guarantees a 171 miles range, with a high speed of 102 mph and 3,9 seconds from 0 to 60 mph. The batteries can be recharged by a quick charger CHAdeMO in abot one hour. The chopper also boasts a high quality sound system from Bang & Olufson which can either be connected to the motor to create engine noise or to your personal musik collection.

    Zeus Twelve thinks that is an inevitable future for the electric motorbike, power and performance of the electric motor will soon trump the internal combustion engine in every sector. It's lineas acceleration, simple mechanics and environmental credentials make it a superior choice and one favoured by governments around the world for its reduced impact on our fragile world.

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