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White Bear eBikes, from London with electric bikes
19 August 2014

White Bear eBikes, from London with electric bikes

    The new london company White Bear E-Bikes offers specially to different bikes, both of them clean and simply, but with a  confort compared to a Rolls-Royce.

    White Bear developed the Discovery - and the urban foldable Explorer - for those who like to ride in style but with little effort – you might be in a suit, or going to a meeting. It is designed so you can arrive cool, calm and collected, even in your smartest clothes. Made to be a comfortable ride by choosing subtle innovations such as a quieter motor and a suspension seat.

    It’s a bit sit-up-and-beg but you can easily set the handlebars to suit your riding position by using the quick-release handlebar adjuster. As a result, the ride of the Discovery is comparable to driving a Rolls Royce – well, they tried to make it the Rolls-Royce of bicycling. White Bear designed the Discovery to be clean and simple. They removed all the greasy parts one might associate with an eBike. For example, the gears are stored inside the rear wheel hub, which requires less maintenance, and the chain is fully covered. This means you can be sure that you will arrive at your destination as clean as your eBike.

    The Discovery is ready for every day, using a large rear rack and positioned the battery to make it easy to add side panniers, baby-seats, carrier straps, lights and the other accessories. The battery is a lightweight Li-iron 36V, Samsung fuel cells, Range 50-70 miles, Charge time 4hrs. The engine is a 250W Brushless power motor, Front hub, The gears are Shimano Nexus 3 speed internal hub gears, and the brakes are front Tekro V brake, rear integrated Shimano roller brake.

    Only recently have their batteries become affordable to use in their eBikes due to advances in technology. They use Lithium Iron Co, Ni, Mn, which resists the ‘memory effect’ better and lasts longer than lithium iron batteries based on magnesium. They also have a 30-day ageing process during the production (this is longer than most), which means our batteries have a longer life cycle.

    The cells inside the battery are from Samsung and are also used in Tesla cars. They’ve tried and tested many different variations and they believe that our formula is the best. James who rode the Discovery over 2000 miles across Europe agrees.

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