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Velocite E-Mountain-Bike up to 60 km/h
02 September 2014

Velocite E-Mountain-Bike up to 60 km/h

    With the Velocite Flux Alloy the company aims to create the perfect hardtail cross country mountain bike frame. The perfect frame would need to handle well, be exceptionally stiff (frame flex contributing to comfort is a marketing myth born from poor testing and simulations), be light and make no compromises with the geometry.

    The Flux Alloy eBike is an extension of the overall Flux philosophy, it is not a compromised frame built around a drive system, but a drive system modified to suit the frame and the overall performance objectives. With the Flux Alloy eBike you can do just about anything that you can do with a standard Flux Alloy. It is a true off road mountain bike that can help you reach the summit of any trail that a cross country bike can access, and get you back down at full speed without holding back.

    The eBike features 3 power assist levels, 2 level descent control which simultaneously recharge the battery, regenerative braking, backlit control unit and torque sensing bottom bracket for smooth power delivery which is required for technical off road riding.

    The Velocite Flux 29er eBike is also unique in that the entire bike, including the eBike components are made and manufactured in Taiwan thus easily exceeding the quality and performance levels of most of the eBikes in a similar category.
    •    Two-pass welded, triple butted, cold worked 7005-T6 alloy
    •    Asymmetric, tapered head tube 1 1/8” top, 1.5” bottom
    •    PF30 bottom bracket
    •    Bow shape for minimal front triangle size, low standover height and maximum stiffness
    •    Sloping geometry for maximum rider size compatibility
    •    Same uncompromising frame geometry as a non eBike Flux Alloy ensuring correct, high performance handling
    •    400W torque sensing electric assistance
    •    36V battery pack

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