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HP Velotechnik wins as trike for special needs the Eurobike Award
13 September 2014

HP Velotechnik wins as trike for special needs the Eurobike Award

    The jury of the most important bicycle trade show world-wide granted the prestigious Eurobike Award to the „Scorpion plus 20“ by HP Velotechnik.

    With this the jury acknowledges the latest concept by the German manufacturer: a trike for persons with special requirements.Visitors can convinces themselves of the good looks of the 100% stable trikes with their ergonomically optimised technology at the Eurobike (26. – 30. August) in the foyer west – award winners area as well as a few metres on at the booth of HP Velotechnik (FW 300).

    Many people still want to lead an active lifestyle regardless of having age-induced mobility problems, physical handicaps or a rehabilitation following an injury prevents them from getting out on a bike. Therefore the stable trikes „are the perfect partner“, claims HP Velotechnik.

    This has been achieved by completely re-designing the frame and making it far higher and wider than before. The key to the new innovation was the harmonious symbiosis of comfort, functionality and design. Never before has it been so easy to mount a trike in the typical HP Velotechnik design with two front wheels. With the greatly expanded „Comfort and Ability“ options segment, the modular system promises highly functional accessories for 2015.

    Ergonomically designed foot- and hand- rests facilitate to make versatile adjustments in line with special needs. Also to mention the new hook and loop spring fastener and other innovations such as the walking aid bracket with one-handed operation. HP Velotechnik is also presenting a real masterstroke in the field of electric motors: a reverse gear for the electric bike. At the push of a button, the vehicle can roll slowly backwards, making turning maneuvers a real breeze. However, the most astonishing thing about the larger Scorpion is that the frame’s new geometry now also enables far smaller riders with heights from just 1.49 meters to easily climb onto the elegant vehicles. However, the „Generation Plus“ is certainly not forgetting its roots. It remains true to the core range of Scorpion models with features such as the full-suspension and foldable chassis.

    The most spectacular new feature was designed in cooperation with the premium supplier GO SwissDrive: the motor with an electric reverse gear. The trikes can take advantage of their structural stability reversing at speeds of up to 3 km/h: they are so stable that maneuvers can now be made at the push of a button without getting off the trikes. Yet this is not all that the 250 W hub motor from the Swiss company can do: The new remote control is attached directly to the handle.

    All switching can be done intuitively with a thumb on the touchpad, rather than having to look at it, though the large new color display (3.2") does allow for easy overview and control. Furthermore the unit is very flexible: Ready for Bluetooth 4.0 communication it allows phonecall visualization during the ride. Service data exchange is possible via app. In addition the USB connector enables the rider to charge USB devices up to 5 V / 1A. A key factor for rehabilitation: the motor can be individually programmed with different profiles. For example "Start Power" offers a powerful boost with limited required leg power, which can be very useful for MS patients, for example.

    The "Interval" option provides an equally powerful boost even if the leg power is applied very unevenly, as is often the case for people after a stroke. All this requires a fair amount of "juice" - something that is not a problem for the enhanced Li-Ion rechargeable battery (36 V): With 558 Wh, it now offers 25 percent more capacity. On the dual-propulsion model offered by HP Velotechnik, with two rechargeable batteries positioned under the seat for an optimally balanced center of gravity, this means that the trikes can achieve ranges of up to 260 km using low levels of eletric assistance. There is also plenty of "fuel in the tank" for an enjoyable day trip when the drive is turned up full.
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