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Klever Mobility, folding compact e-bike
16 September 2014

Klever Mobility, folding compact e-bike

    New Kleve e-bike of 20-inch with special design.

    Klever Mobility Europe GmbH was founded in 2011 by KYMCO, a Taiwan-based manufacturer of scooters and mopeds with a global presence. The new Klever brand focuses on E-Bikes, which have since won a number of acclaimed awards. Klever Mobility is one of the few manufacturers which offer motors, control electronics, software, batteries and mechanical items all from a single provider. In addition, the company maintains offices and production facilities in Germany and Taiwan. The European distribution centre is based in Cologne.

    The highlight is a folding 20-inch compact e-bike, which will be available mid-2015. Based on the B25 low-crossbar model and equipped with the firm’s own Biactron rear wheel drive, the Klever Q25 model combines compact dimensions with a comfortable ride and excellent range performance.

    In addition, all Klever e-bikes are available with optional Bluetooth-capable LCD display, complete with integrated control unit. Customers who already have a Klever e-bike can also benefit from this new development, as the system, which is scheduled to come on the market in early 2015, can be easily exchanged for the conventional LED display. Dealers can read off data, upload new software and perform customisations via the Bluetooth connection (on previous models via cable). An example where this might happen is the new control system due out in September, which offers the possibility of configuring customer-oriented riding profiles ranging from “dynamic-powerful” to “harmonious-energy saving”.

    There are also changes to the external appearance of the Klever e-bikes, already recipients of some famous design awards and a Eurobike award. The frames, for instance, up until now supplied only with classic silver or matt grey finish, will in future also be available in the trend colour white. In addition there is a new accessory in the form of a bicycle trailer hitch (a Weber hitch), for which the rear wheel hub motor, generating a torque of 45 Nm (restricted to 250 watts), provides more than adequate tractive force.

    Modular concept

    Its strategy of building on existing models in modular fashion (rather than launching completely new e-bikes each year) means that Klever Mobility is completely in tune with the needs of customers and dealers alike. With its Bluetooth-capable LCD display, therefore, Klever is laying the foundation for future developments, in terms of connectivity with modern smartphones, for instance. At the same time, the system, which incorporates other features such as effective electronic anti-theft protection including bike coding, is also compatible with existing Klever e-bikes, so that Klever Mobility, in cooperation with the retail trade, ensures continuing protection of the customer’s vested rights along with seamless optical and technical upgrades. “This modular concept affords the customer security of investment and the dealer peace of mind in the safe knowledge they are selling a sustainable product,” stresses Baumgarten. “Because we develop the central components in-house, we are one of the few manufacturers who can actually provide such a guarantee to our customers.”
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