Prestige Electric Car PrestigeElectricCar With the new AGOGS Uphill, riding on steep terrain has never been easier. […]
Agogs, eBike MTB
21 September 2014

Agogs, eBike MTB

    With the new AGOGS Uphill, riding on steep terrain has never been easier.

    The AGOGS Uphill MTB has a sturdy but low weight aluminium frame with powered by a 48V electric system - truly unique on the market. Users can select the performance of this bicycle between 250W rated power for road use (according to EU - EPAC regulations) or switch it to the real MTB e-machine by selecting the off-road mode  with 700W peak power.

    Compared to the most popular build-in ebike systems on the market nowadays, Bosch or Panasonic for example, the Uphill MTB offers more power and torque, a precise drive and more battery energy without any compromises on quality - and for £€$$ (less:). Its aluminium waterproof centrally-located display on the handlebar allows the rider to select one of 6 assistance levels while displaying the speed, distance travelled, actual motor performance and the chargeof the battery.

    It also has the PIN-lock feature, which protects the e-bike from theft. Drivers have total control over the bike with the torque measurement system; Uphill reads the pedal power on both cranks, which makes the ride very smooth and safe, even in complicated terrain. The left grip's push-button brings instant power to start the ride easily and anytime when needed.

    The level of assistance utilized and the type of terrain we ride can influence the battery capacity, which usually lasts from 60 to 120 kilometres with the Sony Konionbrand Lithium-Ion cells with 423 Wh used. A small sized Quick-charger is included, so one can fill up approx. 50% of the battery in just 90 minutes.  Due to the relatively low weight and precise shifting of the Shimano Deore derailleur, this ebike is perfectly usable without the electric assistance mode enabled. With its 100mm travel fork with suspension Suntour XCM, and the seat-post with suspension, you can have a comfortable ride even on rough terrain. The high end disc brakes AVID BB7 Mountain™ works well in all weather conditions. 

    - Battery: Sony Konion Li-ion – 423Wh (8.8Ah/48V)
    - Motor: CST 48V/250-350W, brushless rear hub.
    - Range: 60-120 km according the setting.
    Derraileur: Shinamo Deore, 9speed.
    - Suspension: SR Suntour SF XCM HLO 26, hydraulic locking and setting. Promax suspensión seatpost.
    - Brakes: AVID BB7 Mountain Disc Brake, disc diameter 160mm.

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