Prestige Electric Car PrestigeElectricCar The Spanish company Flebi presents its new Supra compact bicycle. […]
Flebi Supra from Spain
11 October 2014

Flebi Supra from Spain

    The Spanish company Flebi presents its new Supra compact bicycle.

    The folding bicycle Flebi was born in Spanish town Sevilla en 2010, by hands of young entrepreneurs looking for a sustainable urban mobility creating adecuates infrastructures for a safety use of the electric bicycles. The company designs their own bicycles to create low-weight models, compact witha high segurity. The company is located at Sevilla, but the bicycles are made by a Chinese company, that have to accept strong controls by Flebi ingenieurs. The compnay has several distribuitors in Spain, France, Hungria and Greece.

    Since four years in business, Flebi now presents its new Supra, an urban folding bike that only has a weight of 17,5 kg. It folds in less than ten seconds. This new bike has an electric motor Hiongfeng XF-F 24V/250W getting the energy from a Chinese litio-ion battery Lishen 24V/11Ah.

    The battery is integrated into the bike frame, made of aluminum, protecting it from shocks. It has a sensor pedaling of three levels of support to suit the needs of power.It has a range of about 40 kilometers and a soeed of 25 km/h; the time to recharge the battery completely is about five hours.

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