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Zehus, an innovative kit called Bike+ all-in-one
27 October 2014

Zehus, an innovative kit called Bike+ all-in-one

    Bike+ all in one is the first product marked by Italian company Zehus that enters the market. An innovative cycling solution that, using a sophisticated and “smart” power pack, reduces the cyclist’s fatigue by managing energy efficiently. A bicycle equipped with Bike+ all in one is a brand new type of vehicle that is used exactly like a normal bicycle, switches on/off automatically, supports the cyclist during the most strenuous actions (starts, accelerations, uphill), recovers the energy when it would be otherwise lost (decelerations, higher constant speed, downhill) and never needs to be recharged from the grid!

    Human body efficiency of an average rider can be increased up to 30% and more through Bike+. The advantages of Bike+ all in one are: less pedaling effort, less transpiration, more power available to face obstacles such as hills or passing maneuvers, more aptitude to cover longer distances and to replace other means of transportation (scooter, car, bus).

    Just like a hybrid car increases the efficiency of the engine, Bike+ all in one increases the efficiency of the human body. Bike+ all in one is the first pedal-assisted vehicle with a control strategy deeply interleaved with human-body metabolic dynamics. A new market segment is born right in between the traditional bicycle and the modern e-bike.

    In fact the greatest advantage in this synergy between man and machine is that Bike+ all in one never needs to be recharged. Bike+ all in one is able to assist the cyclist when he needs more help without discharging completely the system by capitalizing on the ef¬ciency gaps of the human body, as well as the recovered energy, for example during braking or slope. Above all the system decreases the human effort by an optimal use of the energy of he whole system (human and bike together). How is this possible? Thanks to a fine calibration of the control system and to the metabolic studies conducted on the human body body. After many years of research, a new concept of powertrain was born.

    All the necessary components such as motor, batteries and sensors have been positioned in a very compact hub mounted on the rear wheel of the bicycle, without needing cables or other extra parts for assembly.

    Bike+ all in one pratically ¬ts on every bike with no further adjustments needed for the mounting. Every thing in Bike+ all in one is automated; however, a quick customization is possible via a smartphone App, which allows to set up different parameters such as intensity of motor assistance, intensity of regeneration and so on. The smartphone App is also suitable for implementing many other features, like locking from geo-localization for  eet management to localization options through the social networks.

    Bike+ is a 100% Italian product, the  agship of the Italian style and design culture through the centuries.

    Zehus S.r.l. is a company founded in April 2013. It is a spin-off of the mOve research group of the Politecnico di Milano, one of the most important and prestigious universities in Italy. Zehus mission is to innovate the panorama of the human-propelled mobility and to promote ef¬cient emission-free mobility in cities. The people behind Bike+ are a group of highly motivated engineers and Ph.D. of the Politecnico di Milano. Zehus is funded by the venture incubator M31 (, based in Padua and focused on promoting “Italian-style high-tech”.

    Zehus is a ISO 9001 certi¬ed company.

    Zehus: human+ Bike+ all in one speci¬cations ECU: Two microcontrollers, 6 degrees of freedom Inertial measurement unit (3 dof accelerometer, 3 dof gyroscope), CAN-Bus line, Bluetooth module. Hardware and software designed by Zehus.
    Motor DC brushless, 250 W, 24V nominal.
    Battery Li-ion, 8 elements in series, 160 Wh; smart BMS speci¬cally designed by Zehus.
    Case 6082 Alu, CNC machined; exclusive Italian design by Zehus, layout patented.
    Functions Metabolic Sensing Technology, Advanced Charge Sustaining Technology, regenerative brake, remote configuration via Bluetooth and smartphone App. Integration of the functions patented.
    Weight: 3.2 kg for the complete hub.

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