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VECTIA introduces all-new Teris and Veris hybrid models
30 October 2014

VECTIA introduces all-new Teris and Veris hybrid models

    The Spanish Vectia brand was born to provide sustainable solutions in the urban mobility industry that are based on the premises of e-Mobility.

    Available are two hybrid models manufactured under the new Vectia brand, the Teris and the Veris. Jointly promoted by the Castrosua group and CAF Power and Automation, Vectia aspires to become a benchmark brand, fully committed to society and the environment, while responding to our cities mobility challenges of the future.

    Castrosua group and the CAF group have worked hand in hand to develop various research projects. It was precisely in that context when synergies were detected in their respective corporate strategies, in addition to common abilities and awarenesses, which made way for the creation of Vectia.

    This alliance brings out the best out of both companies. Therefore, the Castrosua group provides its know-how to the Vectia brand, as well as its expertise in the coach building industry, while CAF provides its high level technological training, its adaptability and international fame.

    One of the most important aspects of Vectia is its commitment to develop products which maintenance scheme is easy, reliable and safe on the basis of a high availability setting.

    The Teris model  is a new version of the old Tempus model that was once Spanish ground-breaking hybrid. The entirely new shape of this model renamed Teris also had its chassis redesigned –among other features– to adjust it to the new Euro VI motors' characteristics. For the first time ever, the new model includes an electric motor that allows for an enhanced traction.

    With a complete low level chassis and a freestranding roll-on structure made with highly resistant steel, the new hybrid vehicle includes technical improvements in most of its components: doors and entries, AC, glassware, interior finishes, indicators, driver seat, electronic equipment, wheel traction and brake systems, and much more.

    The Veris model is the standard 12 meters length model which is marketed under the Vectia brand in the GNC electric version. Nevertheless, an electric Diesel version was already built for this model. This platform which was entirely designed by Vectia and its partners contains interesting technological innovations which are especially designed to increase the operational effectiveness of its clients.

    Among the many settings supported by the Veris platform, we may distinguish those which are energy related and that allow for full adaptation to each client's requests. In the same line, another stronghold of the Veris model is its design: its shapes, which were designed using the latest 3D technologies, were inspired by the most modern trends of the automotive industry.  
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