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ECOmove will participate at Michelin Challenge Bibendum in China
08 November 2014

ECOmove will participate at Michelin Challenge Bibendum in China

    The Danish company ECOmove® Qstrung will be presented at the Michelin Challenge Bibendum in Chengdu, China, to present ist new car with the exceptionel new chasis Qstrung, that could be used for all kind of modern lightweight electric car.

    ECOmove® Qstrung realizes vehicle chassis structures using lightweight composites. Qstrung combines weight saving with safety and high strength in one solution. All kinds of vehicle chassis can be realized in a lean, low investment process well suited for prototypes, as well as low and high volume production.

    With the aim of making mobility safer, cleaner, more accessible and affordable, ECOmove participates in the fully-fledged think tank, Michelin Challenge Bibendum, in Chengdu, China, in November.

    Michelin Challenge Bibendum is the only initiative in the world that brings together all transportation stakeholders with the purpose of creating a common vision of tomorrow’s sustainable mobility and to decide about actual solutions that generate individual, business, and social benefits. Consequently, companies from all over the world gather to collaborate on creating solutions that ‘foster a better life through sustainable mobility’. Here, stakeholders can showcase their contributions to making the transportation industry more sustainable. Thus, these are the perfect settings for showcasing ECOmove’s new Qstrung chassis technology for the first time.

    ECOmove’s lightweight Qstrung chassis technology not only contributes to the reduction of the energy consumption in the transportation industry, but also gives designers larger flexibility, and makes it possible to develop highly safe lightweight cars with excellent drivability both more economical and faster.

    The new QBEAK Mini is born from the desire to create a agile lightweight electric vehicle that is city-friendly and interesting to drive. At the same time the safety rating should be top of the class and the consumption lower than seen before. The R&D team at ECOmove created the QBEAK Mini and together with a group of industry specialists performing the development and integration of technologies to fulfill the objectives: The best-in-class urban vehicle.

    The ECOmove® Qstrung is used for the chassis and it has already been tested according to the EuroNCAP protocol (offset frontal and side collision) with remarkable results. The ECOmove® Qwheel will power the vehicle in a rear wheel drive/300V/45kW configuration.

    The QBEAK Mini rolling chassis is at an advanced level and is available for evaluation programs, testing and prototype purposes. Starting from below 100 kg, it is available for three and four seated applications and in a number of variants on the same base.

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