Prestige Electric Car PrestigeElectricCar Wayel started with the objective of developing a vehicle for typically city use, nature-oriented, […]
Wayel Solingo with solar energy
20 May 2015

Wayel Solingo with solar energy

    Wayel started with the objective of developing a vehicle for typically city use, nature-oriented, electric and able to use also solar energy as a power source, as the sun is by far the cheapest source of natural and inexhaustible energy on the planet.

    After three years of continuous planning efforts, Wayel are proud to present the result of their R&D, realized in collaboration with Rinnova s.c.r.l., is a research company supported by University of Bologna. Solingo is a lightweight and versatile electric vehicle to use in the city, the first Cityrunner capable of storing the sun’s energy in a reserve battery that allows to always get to your destination.

    From the sun we decided to take also the energy required to produce Solingo. The factory intended for the manufacturing, located in Bologna, covers an area of 7.100 square metres. It operates in a completely ZEB logic (Zero Energy Building). The building is able to self-produce not only the energy used for the living comfort but also that required for its industrial production. This is the first example in Italy!

    The operation of Solingo is very simple: the solar battery is used to start the vehicle, by the front motor, then Solingo is powered by the rear motor the through the main battery pack, that allows to reach 35 km/h. In the event that the main battery is exhausted, Solingo enters the Solar Reserve Mode. In Solar Mode, only the solar battery is used, and the speed is reduced to allow you to always get to your destination.

    The energy costs of Solingo are unrivalled: less than 0.50 Euro per 100 km. Since Solingo is a totally electric vehicle, it produces no emissions harmful to the environment. For this reason, in many cities it has additional incentives and benefits, such as access to the LTZ of old town centres. The recharge is fast and can also be carried out comfortably at night-time, by connecting the power supplier to a socket, like a PC. The lightweight and removable batteries do not require to charge Solingo in the garage.

    The booster is a function which can be operated by pressing and holding a button on the handlebar. This function allows to use the front and rear motors simultaneously, and is useful in upward slopes or speedy restarts. Solingo have two motors, a front motor and a rear motor. The front motor has 250W Power comes from a lithium-ion 330Wh powered by the solar panel. It offers a maximum speed of 25km/h and a range of 20 to 25 kilometers. The rear motor has at 500W 37V powered by two batteries 1260Wh and offers a maximum speed of 35km/h and a range of 60-70 miles.
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