Prestige Electric Car PrestigeElectricCar Evoking the elegant lines of the 1915 “board track racer”, this unique handcrafted personal […]
Vintage Electric Bike E-Tracker
05 January 2015

Vintage Electric Bike E-Tracker

    Evoking the elegant lines of the 1915 “board track racer”, this unique handcrafted personal electric vehicle is faster than any electric cycle currently on the market, providing you with an exhilarating ride anywhere you go. The exceptional performance and impeccable build means you can enjoy this stylish and powerful beauty on everything from a bike path, a winding mountain road, or up a steep city street. It’s a high performance work of art on wheels and an investment in classic design. The E-Tracker is built to stand the test of time while allowing you to elevate your lifestyle in ways you never thought was possible.

    The heart and soul of the E-Tracker, our patent pending aluminum battery box is beautifully designed and locally sand casted in Santa Clara, Ca. Not only does this crucial container protect the key internal electrical components, but it also disperses heat allowing our high performance electrical system to run at lower temperatures, therefore increasing efficiency.

    Brooks (established in 1866) has been handcrafting the finest leather goods for cycles since they were first invented. Brooks is based out of London and uses quality, premium leather. Brook’s saddles are classically sprung for supreme comfort and their grips feature high end aluminum clamps and veggie tanned leather, certifying that every touch point of the bike is built for comfort and quality.

    Using high end technology in braking performance within the cycling community, we trust Avid Mechanical Road S disc brakes to ensure great performance and ease of maintenance. We combine disc brakes with the power of our electric motor and regenerative braking to not only slow you down as fast as possible but also recoup the energy that is often wasted in brake use.

    Our 6 amp, fast charging electrical component turns any standard wall socket into a source of 30 miles of enjoyment in just 2 hours of charge time. With the flip of a switch its compatible for 220 or 110 volt outlets. We dare you to take it anywhere you’d like!

    Focusing on our style of simple clean design, we utilize our proprietary technologies to make our bike run as easy as any bike ride in the park. No complicated gadgets; just simple, clean fun. Choose the United States Street Legal edition to comply with DMV standards. Street Legal edition has a top speed of 20 MPH with max output of 750 watts. Race Edition has a top speed of 36 MPH with a max output of 3000 watts. Race Edition requires off road use only within the US.
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