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LEAOS Solar Electric Bike
02 February 2015

LEAOS Solar Electric Bike

    The first self-sufficient Series E-bike with fully integrated solar panels for chargingThe LEAOS Solar fuses high tech with high aesthetic standards.

    It is the first solar electric bike with the solar panels fully integrated into the vehicle. As a result, the high-tech solar film is an attractive design element.With normal usage of up to 30 km/day, LEAOS is completely self-sufficient, that is to say, independent from conventional power sources. Activating the solar charging requires no action on the part of the user.The energy gained and current battery level is shown on a display. If the solar power is insufficient, it can be easily connected to a conventional power source. LEAOS is the first e-bike in the world with an elegant body instead of tubes, and consistent design right down to the handlebars, with the display and lighting systems fully integrated.

    The Leaos E -Bike, designed by young Italian Francesco Sommacal, give a simple and modern twist. The structure of the bike is a monocoque made by carbon fiber, a material that gives a high mechanical strength, integrating in a new way the handlebar and the fork into this structure. The bike has a central electric motor specially developed for this model by the company MPF, which develops 250 watts and 36 volts, with ten different modes of assistance, feeding on a lithium- ion 11.6 Ah battery. Furthermore carries a Shimano eight-speed transmission. Two versions, one with a limited speed of 25km/h and the other limited to 45km/h are available.

    The motor, battery, light, chain and the Shinamo Alfine transmission are integrated into the framework oo a discrete way, thereby protecting all components from dirt. During the development process, the goal was that none of the technological elements influenced the design nor allow the design would affect the function of the bicycle. The result is an attractive bike that only weights 22 kilos, that has little in common with normal bikes on the market.

    It also carries disc brakes and 26-inch tires, which give a high comfort by absorbing all the imperfections of the roads. Its low structure gives a unisex use, suitable for any type of user. There are currently three versions, which differ mainly in color and some other accessory, priced around € 3,680 for 25km/h version, and 4.980€ for 45km/h version. You can buy this bike in selected stores in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, or directly online.
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