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Johanson3, electric tricycle
23 February 2015

Johanson3, electric tricycle

    45 years of experience in top design mobility solutions ( Our founder and inventor, Johan Neerman, has been deeply involved with transport design and mobility issues since 1967. Since that time he has been developing public transport systems and brought to life more than 40 original vehicles throughout the world.

    Times have changed. As modern and advanced as an urban public transport system is it hangs on to concepts from the past. Infrastructure with rails and electrification remains costly despite the improvements we have seen in the last decade. Cities of the future belong to e-taxis, e-logistics and personal mobility. We need eco-friendly personal mobility vehicles during the day and appropriate vehicles to allow goods to travel during the night and early mornings. At Johanson3 we have integrated design and engineering methods to develop a product taking into account peoples functionality and ergonomic needs. Our products are smooth running and covered by warranty.

    Our new vehicle is stable with three wheels including a tilting system, can be folded and is desmountable. The versatile and modular vehicles have a payload capacity up to 600 lb. Fun for everybody but very practice, and they are the first vehicles allowing women and kids to move more safety whatever the dress code. The electric tricycle offers many accessories such as windscreens, roofs, liggage, GPS, etc, but can also be fitted with different tires for different grounds, for off-road use or on icy roads.

    The compnay offers battery packs (litio-ion) with 10 to 20 amp with fast reloading chargers, but also a solar applications can be choosen. The speeds are between 9 to 50 mph depending on state regulations and applications.

    The prices are between 2000 and 4000 US dolars.

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