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EV4 Polish electric 4 wheel bicycle
27 February 2015

EV4 Polish electric 4 wheel bicycle

This information comes from Jack Skopinski from Poland:
Since birth I live in Europe in the Polish capital of Warsaw. Moving within Warsaw, which from year to year is becoming more and more jammed, I lacked alternative means of transport, which could easily get around street jams. I could simply not accept the daily, pointless and costly waste of time. I began to think about the development of an innovative vehicle that would allow for faster urban transport.

I made a list of my expectations and I came to the following conclusions:

The vehicle had to be: Faster than a bicycle, have its own propulsion, be a product of high quality, long range driving capability without the need to recharge or refuel, cheap in operation, maintenance-free, handy for elevator, office, home, subway, etc, but also quiet, reliable, small enough to ride on bike lanes, parks, forests etc. Must be eco-friendly and no emissions, User-friendly and pleasure of driving, Greater stability than classical two wheelers, bikes or scooters.

While searching for a solution, which would combine all these qualities, I came to the conclusion that the mass of the vehicle would be around 50 kg, with dimensions similar to a bicycle incl. an electric drive. One key problem remained, however: How would one increase the vehicle’s stability compared to that of a bicycle? How could we increase the stability of a 4 wheel drive vehicle while keeping the dimensions fit for a bike road and at the same time eliminate any tendency to derail in curves. I started looking for a technical solution that would combine the advantages of a single track and double track vehicle.

Following aeronautics, which use control units in small airplanes, it was on that basis that I decided to design an innovative suspension system, which is now implemented in the EV4. Thus the EV4 is a 4 wheel drive vehicle, which can tilt just as a traditional bicycle. From the very beginning the EV4 was designed and constructed just like an airplane. Hence, I aimed at a low weight. Nearly all components are made of highly durable aeronautical aluminum alloy. An interesting fact is that the main frame of the vehicle is riveted just like in the case of airplanes. This approach makes the main frame even more durable and lightweight. The independent suspension is an adaptive suspension system. It is designed to adjust to the shape of the terrain at any given moment. Regardless of the surface type, terrain, angle of inclination of roads and travel, the EV4’s wheels uniformly and evenly touch the ground.

Thanks to the electric drive as well as gear belts the noise emission is close to zero, which has a positive effect on the driving comfort. The vehicle’s low weight and the use of modern and efficient lithium ion batteries achieved an unparalleled driving range. Shocks are absorbed by two bicycle shock absorbers with adjustable hardness and damping. Hydraulic disc brakes on 4 wheels allow for very short braking distances, making the EV4 very safe. Driving this vehicle delivers unbelievable impressions. It is driven with utmost ease. The EV4’s four wheels result in an unparalleled stability, superior to that of single-track vehicles.

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