Prestige Electric Car PrestigeElectricCar Unu is a new company with German heart but Asian body. […]
Unu, electric scooter for everybody
11 March 2015

Unu, electric scooter for everybody

    Unu is a new company with German heart but Asian body.

    Co-founders Elias Atahi and Pascal Blum were both born in Mainz, Germany and are urbanites at heart. Independently from one another, they both studied in Asia: Atahi studied electrical engineering and information technology, while Blum studied economics and political science. Both were strongly fascinated by megacities. After completing their academic studies, the rapid transformations underway in Singapore and Shanghai encouraged them to begin realizing their dream of reshaping urban life.

    They collaboratively developed their electric-powered scooter to make electromobility simple and affordable for everyone and to reduce the burdens on urban living caused by traffic, exhaust gases and the scarcity of parking spaces. With these goals in view, they began developing unu in 2012. “Simplicity, affordability and aesthetics were particularly important to us from the start,” says Atahi. “We want drivers to experience their city anew with each new drive. Our scooter can help people get to know their cities in a totally new way.”

    The Munich-based startup is supported by renowned partners and investors, for example, the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and the Technical University of Munich, as well as by the European Union and the government of the State of Bavaria. The product development is financed by local business angels and the well-known Silicon Valley investor Michael Baum.

    The production in China and the product quality uphold the highest German standards and have been certified by the ISO and other institutions. All scooters are certified by the TÜV Rhineland according to the most rigorous German quality standards. unu offers a two-year guarantee on the scooter and the batteries. The company collaborates with the GRS Battery Take-Back System so over 95% of the rechargeable batteries can be either recycled or reused to store energy for wind and solar farms. unu’s goal is to minimize environmental impact and simultaneously support the growth of renewable energies.

    The range is at least 50 km with one rechargeable battery and 100 km with two rechargeable batteries, the maximum speed is about 45 km per hour. The portable rechargeable battery of Unu weighs 8 kg and comes in a carrying case made of black brushed aluminum with an attached shoulder strap. The Unu use a lithium-ion rechargeable battery with Panasonic cells, 51 volts, 29 ampere hours, charger included, to be recharged from any ordinary electrical outlet.

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