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JIVR electric bike, styling and functionality
20 April 2015

JIVR electric bike, styling and functionality

    The company JIVR presents this new electric bike, with a special design, great functionality and a folding sistem. This bike will be built at Poland.

    The engineering of JIVR Bike has been designed according to industry standards by the best designers and engineers from world’s top automotive and bicycle brands. We are so certain about our product’s quality that we allow you to cancel your pre order if you do not like the test ride experience. Over 20 years of our team’s experience in electric vehicles manufacturing make us believe that you will love our patented design and engineering solutions.  

    JIVR Bike is proud to have attracted senior engineering, business, marketing and brand executives from well-known brands like TESLA Motors, Bentley Motors, PEPSICO, Bupa, MELEX, FIAT & Jaguar Land Rover, alongside the financial backing and advice from our investors.

    This bicycle have a 250W brushless Motor and a small LIFEP04 Batteries of 9Ah and it’s limited in 15,6miles, 25 km/h. The range of this e-bike is about 20 miles, 32 kilometres. You can choose between three cycling modes: Full electric, Full manual and Assisted pedalling. It gives you entirely encapsulated chainless drivetrain. No more mud or grease splashing on your clothes! Clean cycling experience!

    The founder Marcin Piatkowski has worked in both investment banking and IT industry, before starting JIVR Bike project. After moving to London to study Technology Entrepreneurship at UCL, he decided to start a manufacturing enterprise, which has always been his dream. Having a family background in manufacturing electric vehicles (electric golf carts), knowledge and a broad network of connections in Mielec, Poland the team has decided to base the manufacturing branch of JIVR Bike there.

    JIVR Bike started as a research project at UCL in late 2011. After months of exploring the possibilities of creating a vehicle that would address the needs of today’s cosmopolitans who commute across big cities, the team concluded that only chainless, electric bicycle ‘ticks all the boxes’.

    With significant financial and business support from University College London, JIVR Bike grew from project into commercial enterprise in April 2012. Since then, JIVR Bike has won product and business awards proving the validity of concept and market, including Crowdcube’s Best Product Award, London Entrepreneurs’ Challenge 2011 and many others.

    After constructing functional prototypes, JIVR Bike has moved into the current stage of project which is setting up manufacturing facilities in the Founder’s home town: Mielec, Poland.

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