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Babel Bike, a more secure bike
28 April 2015

Babel Bike, a more secure bike

    Sometimes we are very surprised by new ideas of the people, and this special secure bike is no exception.

    Bike Babel is a project designed by Crispin Sinclair to create a safer electric bike for the driver in a collision with a car, van, truck or bus. 65% of all fatalities in London are caused by trucks and buses that crossed the path of the bike causing death to cyclists.

    With these data in mind Babel Bike has developed this curious project: create a safety cell for the rider, similar to the roll cage of racing cars, that can withstand drops and collisions. With this in mind Sinclair has developed a rigid seat, like in a car, so the driver would be inside a safety case, strapped in and wearing a seat bell, protecting the driver in any collision, as he will be pushed away by a turning truck or bus, not crushed by it.

    For example, in case of collision with a car, the seat crashes into the car protecting the rider, attached to the seat and protected by the sides and top bars. With this seat, its creators have designed an electric bicycle that allows pedaling while sitting. It also has a larger rear wheel in order to achieve greater stability on the bike.

    The Shinamo STEPS 250W motor is located at the rear of the frame, and connected to the rear wheel and the pedal shaft through a chain, with all the oily bids sealed inside the frame. Good for a range of between 50 and 80 miles. Within this framework also are located the Shinamo lithium-ion 36V and 11,6Ah battery, easily unlocked to remove it for better recharging. The Babel Bike has front and rear LED lights to make you more visible during the day and night, which como to automatically as soon as you start pedalling.

    This interesting project is seeking funding through Indiegogo Crowdfunding to get the 50,000 pounds to start production.

    The alma mater behind this project, Crispin Sinclair, is the son of renowned inventor Sir Clive Sinclair, who for years wanted to revolutionize the mini-vehicle sector with the Sinclair C5 electric mono-seater.

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