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Qugo from Holland
20 May 2015

Qugo from Holland

    A new concept of a personal urban transporter

    Urban Mobility Europe is a Netherlands new company, responsible for running the operations and production of electrical operated vehicles such as the Qugo. The idea for a vehicle like Qugo found its roots in the desire to contribute to the growing demand for electric urban transportation. A fundamental choice was made to aim at personal.

    To create an exciting yet easy and comfortable drive, the whole Qugo® leans into a corner. This is like skiing on the road. It is achieved by a patented construction. The front wheel driven Qugo® has two smaller rear wheels on swing arms connected to a balance wheel. This balance wheel reacts to the behavior of the driver in a passive manor. This means that there is no electronic intervention to maintain balance. The driver is in charge of the leaning of the Qugo® as much as he is in charge on a bicycle. Therefore the driver can corner as brave as she or he feels like. We have two Qugo versión:

    Qugo Road: The Qugo Road is type approved according the European regulations for road usage. The Qugo Road is therefore allowed to   be used on the road and/or bicycle lanes in most countries in and outside Europe. The QugoRoad has a powerful dipped beam, rear position and brake light and a horn, so equipped to make a safe ride in dense city traffic or a relaxed ride in a parc.

    Qugo Crossroad: The Qugo Crossroad is not homologated for road usage. It is equipped with robust, high-traction front and rear tyres and rubber mudguards on front and rear wheel fenders. With a 2cm increased ride height, the Qugo Crossroad is suitable for riding on private territory and unpaved bicycle paths under mild off-road conditions. The performance characteristics are identical to the ones of the Qugo Road.

    This new personal Urban Transporter has a drive line consisting of a 600W BLDC hub-motor powered by a Li-ion battery with 36V or 48V and 9-12 Ah, 480Wh. This will provide a speed of 25km/h, 16mph, and a range up to 25 kilometers, 16 milles. The dimension of this vehicle is 115x58x135cm/45x23x53inch and a weight of 34kg/75lbs. Pefect to drive in urban streets.

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