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BESV, algorhythm technology
26 May 2015

BESV, algorhythm technology

    The words majestic, powerful and intelligent describe the new LX1 from BESV, the premium pedal-assisted electric bicycle which use the exclusive algorhythm technology to guarantee perfect riding.

    Produced using the same manufacturing process as Moto GP racing motorcycles, the LX1's aluminum frame provides world-class performance. The frame's design is hand-sculpted, and the use of aluminum provides a tough, reliable, and cost-effective frame option.

    Smart Mode calculates the level of assistance you need for optimal ride comfort, taking into account both riding conditions and your pedaling power, and intelligently adjusts the power while you ride. Fine-tuned by our team of software experts, Algorhythm calculates the power needed by the drive system and delivers optimal performance whenever it is required.

    The LX1 incorporates an advanced direct motor placed on the e-bike’s rear wheel. The direct motor design delivers greater efficiency, as less than 20 percent of the motor's power is lost during use, resulting in exceptional power to the rear wheel.  The LX1 features a premium Sony® battery. Highly dependable and long-lasting, the LX1's battery delivers as much as 80 kilometers of power-assistance on a full 5-hour charge.

    To pack a powerful light into a very limited space, BESV had to customize the design of their integrated headlight and interface. The result is an industry-leading headlight that not only produces a bright, efficient light at a distance of 10 meters, but also reduces reflection and glare so other bike riders won't be blinded. This advanced design complies with international regulations, including the stringent German (StVZO) 22A No.23 regulation.

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