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B4 E-Cruizer, special eBike for people with personality.
07 June 2015

B4 E-Cruizer, special eBike for people with personality.

    The Dutch company B4 Bikes just created a unique and personal powerful bike supported by space technology

    Ever since his childhood, Dutch artist Janpeter Eilander has had a dream. An electric bicycle, that would combine two worlds of passion: science and art. Where ratio meets emotion and functionality finds form.In 2012, Janpeter decided to stop philosophizing and to start acting on the realisation of the electric bike of his dreams. To make the world a more beautiful, playful and sustainable place. Inspired by the ancient Taoism philosophy and the famous Harley Davidson design of 1912, Janpeter took the bold step and started the project of his life. B4 Bikes was born. Exactly 100 years later.

    For the development of this ultimate vehicle, B4-bikes had access to the ESA-BIC program. This made it possible for us to adopt the newest technologies of the European Space Agency. Supported by space technology we made it possible to build the most powerful and innovative vehicle ever. Our electric e-cruizer is a boy’s dream coming true. It is a sustainable racing monster. Looking like a motorcycle, but having the power of a rocket.

    The B4 e-cruizer is a real eye catcher with his unique and challenging look. You want to be seen on this powerful electric bike, making a sustainable statement at the same time. Technology is constantly moving forward, just like you are on this e-cruizer, without needing a helmet. Looks like there are reasons enough to leave the car at home and be good for the environment.

    The idea behind the B4 e-cruizer has his origin of a simple fact. 8 out of 10 drives are shorter than 12 miles and 80% of those drives, the car is only used by one person. Looking at those facts, fuel is being wasted and there are lots of opportunities that are more sustainable. The e-cruizer is comfortable, looks impressive and uses electric power.

    Every B4 e-cruizer is handmade. We aim for perfection, on the inside and outside. That is why we work only with the best materials and with talented designers. Tough men will bend, mill and weld the basic parts, our colleagues of the European Space Agency (ESA) will take care of the innovations and our refined mechanics will combine the components. The result: A vehicle of the future, enjoying you for life. The B4 E-cruizers are custom build by hand and custom color and numbered with owners certificate. We will deliver you custom-made e-cruizers in your favorite color, including your logo in metal, out of wood or in polish. 

    The B4 e-cruizer use a High Torque Brushless 3 fase Pm motor of 250-1000Watt with a Cleantron Lithium Battery of 19,95Ah/36V allowing a range with pedelec of about 200-300 kilometers with a reduced speed for public road of 25 km/h.
    Price of this eBike is 6.650€ for Netherland, Belgium and Germany. For other countries of EU It's 7.300€.

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