Prestige Electric Car PrestigeElectricCar VanDutch, the award-winning Dutch yacht brand known for its modern design and impressive […]
VanDutch for the first electric yacht
13 June 2015

VanDutch for the first electric yacht

    VanDutch, the award-winning Dutch yacht brand known for its modern design and impressive performance, is introducing an groundbreaking model that will soon join the exclusive line of yachts.

    he VanDutch 40 Electric, also known as VanDutch E. “Our approach is not just solely centered on design, engineering and manufacturing,” says Anko Mast, CEO of VanDutch. “It is also centered on creativity, innovation and sustainability.” VanDutch, widely recognized for pursuing innovation in the yachting industry, announced its official partnership with Aguri Technologies, a division of Aguri Racing—the organization behind the Amlin-Aguri Formula E team—for development and construction of the brand’s first ever high-performance electric yacht. The VanDutch team will enlist Mark Preston, Ferry Spijkerman and Aguri Suzuki as exclusive partners to develop the newest concept, which will reduce emissions by 100 percent.

    By developing VanDutch E, VanDutch is reaffirming its position as a game-changer in the industry as well as its commitment to sustainable performance, innovation and creativity.

    About VanDutch
    Established in 2008 in The Netherlands, VanDutch has since expanded into the U.S. Its renowned Dutch engineering concept and craftsmanship are defined by combining speed with luxury through advanced technology and modern design. The recreational yachts, manufactured at the American-based VanDutch plant, are built with meticulous dedication and offer high-performance capabilities such as rapid acceleration, precision comfort and excellent cornering. In additional, VanDutch yachts are sustainable in both fuel consumption and building components, made of eco-friendly products that are along-lasting and require minimal maintenance.
    Models, recognized by World Yacht Trophies and also 50 percent more sustainable than other yachts in the same class, include VanDutch 30, VanDutch 40, VanDutch 40 WA, VanDutch 55 and the soon-to-berevealed VanDutch 75. Arrive in Style. Leave an Impression.
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