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Biktrix Juggernaut electric fatbike
01 July 2015

Biktrix Juggernaut electric fatbike

    The Canadian company Biktrix got the money from crowdfunding and can so start the production of their special electric mountain bike, the Juggernaut.

    Electric bike, you are a rocket. You power down streets and trails, effortlessly passing other sweatier riders. You are energetic, mighty, and silent. You make normal humans pedal like gods. 

    Fat bike, you are a beast. You swim across sand, snow, gravel, and dirt, and plow through potholes and bumps. You dominate terrain like no other. Paired with a super-human with quads as large as your legendary tires, you are unstoppable. The unfortunate corollary is that, when pedaled by a mere mortal, you are, well, kinda sluggish. We have someone you need to meet.

    Fat bike, meet electric bike. Together, you are just scary good, so good that the Yin and Yang are jealous of your synergy. At the command of a mere mortal, you are a mercilessly destructive and unstoppable force - a Juggernaut.

    We at Biktrix knew these two would hit it off, and so we created the Biktrix Juggernaut - the world’s best fat electric bike for under $2000. This thing is a beast, and we have had a ton of fun riding the prototype for the past few months.

    Powerful motor: The 500W crank motor is greater than 80% efficient and gives you plenty of power and torque to climb up any incline.

    No drag: Since our motor freewheels about the crank, there is no unnecessary drag. If your battery dies, just pedal the Juggernaut like a regular bike.

    Worry-free, maintenance-free, removable battery: The built-in state-of-the-art Battery Management System (BMS) allows you to leave the battery plugged in as long as you want. The BMS will cut off supply to individual cells if they are over/under charged.

    Open platform: Built on an open platform, the Juggernaut allows the owner to swap its complete electric system to any other bike (compatible with 90% of bikes) with basic bike tools. Open platform also allows you to opt for any 48V battery. We do not want to tie you in with a proprietary battery that costs a lot to replace.

    Ease of use: The controls and LCD display on the handlebar are intuitive and easy to use. The LCD even tracks useful information such as speed, total distance travelled, trip distance travelled, level of assist, and battery life.

    8 speed transmission: Since the Juggernaut is crank driven, you can leverage the gears of the bike as the transmission for the motor. This means the motor can buzz along effortlessly whether you are climbing a steep hill or just cruising at top speed.

    Great aftermarket support: The Juggernaut uses the popular Bafang mid-mount motor. This motor is very durable and has been around for a long time. It even has great aftermarket support for upgrades.

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