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FEDDZ, e-scooter urban life style
06 July 2015

FEDDZ, e-scooter urban life style

    Aesthetics and function for our new urban life style

    FEDDZ will win you over with its aesthetics and function, fitting to your new urban life style. The reduction of the design details to just the novel and the essentials leads to a souverain originality. FEEDZ is not your normal electric motor scooter but rather FEDDZ shows the world you are driving without emissions. FEDDZ is light, maneuverable and made for those looking for added value. With three low gears to choose from, you can get started in a relaxed fashion or with sporty acceleration from 0 to 45 km/hr. In the cargo space you can neatly stow away anything from sport articles to a briefcase. There is a USB connection to allow you to charge your mobile phone. An energy-saving LED light package with Phillips high performance head lamp, rear lamp, brake lamp and turn blinker provides safety day and night.

    Whatever you want to call it, an e-bike, e-scooter, electric cruiser,…..FEDDZ delivers the ultimate in driving fun in the city. Silent, free from oil, gas and without smelly emissions….that is what your driving future should be.

    In the space taken up by the gas tank in normal motor bikes, the FEDDZ offers you a cargo room with enough space to transport what you need. A storage space for your purchases, sport bag or even supporting use as a city courier service, the choice is up to you and the possibilities are unlimited. You even have room to store your motorcycle helmet in the 23 liter cargo room. Or even better: a football, jersey, spikes and a water bottle to take you to the next game.The cargo space is equipped with 2 belts with quick release closures and inside there is a USB connection. You have lots of room to transport your things and simultaneously recharge your mobile phone. A hard shell cargo box, with cargo bag and lockable side panel is available as an extra.

    The removable battery is important for city use, allowing you to recharge the battery in your apartment. How many city inhabitants have the luxury of a garage or a parking place with an electric outlet?

    The Plug-in and Drive battery utilizes the newest Lithium-Ion technology as well as a European built Battery Management System (BMS) and can be recharged using any normal household outlet, either removed or still mounted on the FEDDZ. The low placement of the battery gives the FEDDZ a favorable center of gravity for ideal driving performance. FEDDZ can also be easily taken along in your camper. By removing the 11.5 kg battery, the rest of the FEDDZ weighs just 33 kg and can be loaded onto a conventional bicycle carrier. You have the option of two different battery types: the "ECO”, which can take you up to 70 km*, or the "PREMIUM”, with a driving range reaching up to 110 km. Both are enclosed in a plastic shell for full protection from the elements and can be locked in place, or easily removed. Both battery types can be used with the same FEDDZ. *The driving distance of the battery depends on your weight, driving conditions and your tire pressure. The distances given are just for general orientation.

    We are committed to it: recycling and considering our impact on the environment. We believe that all technical materials should be returned to allow for their recycling or reuse. Therefore, as an example, the plastic parts used on the FEDDZ have been designed such that they can be disassembled and easily recycled.

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