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Ebretti, electric scooters
30 July 2015

Ebretti, electric scooters

    Ebretti have two different models of electric scooters.

    The Netherland Company Ebretti is a producer of electrics scooters for differents european countries offering different kind of batteries for the best use of these silent way to drive.

    An Ebretti is the best thing that can happen to you and your environment. No noise, no direct CO2 -and the lowest levels of fine particulates- emmisions: that is not only good for you, it is good for your direct environment as well! And if you charge your Ebretti’s battery with green electricity, then you can reduce your CO2 emissions even further. Ebretti electric scooter have 18 differents colours.

    The elegant Ebretti 518 rides like it looks: exuberant and comfortable. Whether alone or with a passenger, with or without baggage. With a selection of 18 unique colours and 12 different saddles, you can easily make it your own personal Ebretti. The Ebretti 518 can also be upgraded with the innovative and efficient LiFePO4 battery pack for the longest range and the best (and most consistent) performance.

    Ebretti have three differents batteries:
    A Gel battery of 36Ah with a range of 60km to 25km/h or 30km to 45km/h.
    A LiFePO4 battery of 32Ah with a range of 70km to 25km/h or 40km to 45km/h.
    A LiFePO4 battery of 48Ah with a range of 90km to 25km/h or 70km to 45km/h.

    The Ebretti 518 is available in 16mph and 28 mph variants. The 16 mph variant is normally used on bicycle paths in urban areas. It also offers the widest action radius. The 28 mph variant is not only faster, it also accelerates faster and the action radius is therefore a bit smaller. 

    For more details have a look to Ebrettis webside.

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