Prestige Electric Car PrestigeElectricCar ENERGICA represents the first model of electric motorcycle made-in-Italy […]
CRP Ego45 super electric motorbike
30 July 2015

CRP Ego45 super electric motorbike

    ENERGICA represents the first model of electric motorcycle made-in-Italy

    ENERGICA comes from the passion and experience of CRP Group that has faced the challenge of changing habits. The company presents the numbered edition of Ego45, a revolution in the concept of luxery.

    They have used the finest technology in order to design, ENERGICA, a future eco-friendly vehicle with high performance. ENERGICA is a fancy, aggressive superbike that wants to entertain, excite and inspire the rider even for a glance. Pure electric power from the Italian motorcycle and a mixture of technology and innovation that make ENERGICA unique and a good option to traditional vehicles. This "proudly made-in-Modena" supersport electric streetbike is sophisticated, aggressive and reflects the combination of technology, innovation and tradition, making it unique. 

    The numbered edition has carbon fibre fairings and a special shape featuring elements made with 3D printing technology and Windform® materials, specially covered with a ceramic finish by English company Zircotec.

    POWER: 100 kW FROM 4700 rpm TO 10500 rpm
    TORQUE; 195 Nm FROM 0 TO 4700 rpm
    RECHARGE: 3.5h (0-100% SOC) Mode 1-2 or 3 charge, 30 min (0-80% SOC) Mode 4 DC Fast Charge

    Vehicle Control UnitA Vehicle Control Unit implementing a multi-map adaptive energy and power management algorithm manages the vehicle. During drive, system carefully monitors and adjusts 100 times per second the motor’s power, starting from; throttle command; chosen engine map; battery status and speed. System also handles regenerative engine braking, interfacing with the ABS unit. This allows for a superb efficiency in battery energy management and a great drive performance and experience. It constantly monitors batteries, even in key off position in order to ensure battery protection even in long winter storage. Vehicle Control Unit is based on a redundant architecture in order to grant the state of the art of safety and performance.

    The CRP Group is composed of six companies: CRP Engineering, CRP Meccanica, CRP Racing, CRP Technology, CRP Service and CRP USA. Each company represents an example of excellence in their respective fields. From the experience of more than 40 years in the world of F1 working with top international teams, the CRP Group has great know-how in particular sectors, from additive manufacturing, to high performing CNC machining and development of two-wheel racing vehicles in both combustion engines and electric power, with the service attention focused to the customer.

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