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Lampociclo, retro style ebike
01 August 2015

Lampociclo, retro style ebike

    Retro italian ebike

    The bicycle industry expands by two subsectors, artisanal and retro bike model. New enterprises are committed to these ideas, the Italian Lamposito combines both subsectors to create a handmade bike with a retro design based on old motorcycles.

    Lampociclo is an exclusive E-bike inspired by 1920 motorbikes, each bike is hand built on customer order. The Italian compnay from Verona believe in craft excellence and customized product. Dealing directly with people building with their own hands can be relevant in a word populated by mass produced goods at any price level. The entire bike and E-bike range by Lampociclo can be customized by size, color, graphics even when we call it “standard”. Furthermore the compnay can prepare unique pieces based on modular components.

    You can choose: size, type of gearbox, engine and handlebars. And more: color frame, tires, tank, wheels, saddle, grips. All chassis are handcrafted by weld braze cast joints technique. Soft parts are made of genuine leather. Aluminum tank is welded, soldered and polished by hand. 

    Lampociclo offers to create together your configuration you will get custom quote with a picture of your bike.

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