Prestige Electric Car PrestigeElectricCar he German high-end brand ROTWILD is pioneering performancee-mountain-bikes. […]
Rotwild hi-end e-mountain bike from Germany
15 August 2015

Rotwild hi-end e-mountain bike from Germany

    he German high-end brand ROTWILD is pioneering performancee-mountain-bikes.

    Since the unveiling, the seamless integration of the battery pack as a constructive frame element has been turning heads with its mtb-specific agile geometry, great kinematics and holistic design.

    R.C1+ HT 29
    Great engineering is often very simple.For the R.C1+ HT 29 the ROTWILD engineers left the superior geometry of the R.C1 hardtail nearly untouched, while at the same time integrating the new Brose drive system in the 29er. The result is a lightweight and agile e-mountain-bike with outstanding stamina and a realcross-country character.

    The most distinctive feature of the new ROTWILD hybrid-mountain-bikes is the Integrated Power Unit (IPU), which uses the battery pack as a constructive element of the carbon bottom tube. The IPU also allows for greater stiffness and less weight. The new Brose drive system is 100% decoupled, preventing it from generating additional resistance above the legal speed limit. Therefore, it is easy to pedal even at speeds above 25 km/h.

    The compact design of the drive system and IPU effortlessly allow for mounting a bottle cage and a 2x10 front derailleur.

    R.Q1+ FS 27.5
    Freedom, comfort, fun and action: With the R.Q1+ FS 27.5 ROTWILD engineering has electrified the perfect all-mountain bike. The Integrated Power Unit (IPU) enables optimal kinematics. The virtual pivot point is adjusted to the additional forces from the motor and cranks, in order to minimise drive-related influences and increase traction.

    The XCS rear end has also been redesigned with additional rocker bearings to absorb the increased torque. The entirely new design of the main rocker bearing is adjusted to the requirements of the hybrid technology.

    Thecompact Brose drive system for the first time enables 2x10 cranks and also allows for a constructively short chainstay. The hybrid R.Q1+ version makes no compromise uphill or downhill. Be it the extended tour, a technical downhill or high-speed adventures on the flowtrail; the R.Q1+ FS 27,5 is the perfect companion for all occasions.

    R.E1+ FS 27.5
    Top performance for an adrenaline high on the downhill flow: The R.E1+ FS 27.5 is the perfect enduro bike. The compact Integrated Power Unit enables an extremely agile geometry with short chain stays.

    The kinematics of the R.E1+ are adjusted to the requirements of the Brose drive system, guaranteeing excellent responsiveness. Accordingly, the position of the virtual pivot point has been modified to compensate for the additional motor power.

    The reinforced XMS rear end keeps the R.E1+ in an absolutely neutral position. Downhill the R.E1 really shows what it is all about:The 27.5-inchwheels provide additional confidence and the low overall weight of the hybrid bike ensures top marks even on tight tracks and switchbacks.

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