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SEV savage ebikes
18 August 2015

SEV savage ebikes

    Up and down the mountains

    The French company SEV Electric Vehicle have electric bikes (pedelec) models, for the city, the road, folding models, models off road,  MTB and Freerider, all to embrace and look for the largest number of customers.

    Emphasize its most striking pattern, the eTRICKS Evolution R01, the most advanced vehicle in its range. This bicycle-motorcycle is ready to go either way, make great descents and climb mountains like a ride.

    One of the main strengths of the eTRICKS concept is its chassis and more specially its chassis frame and swingarm, based on the experience in a builder of trial bike since 1993. The engineering team designed a new SEV single frame to obtain a very important rigidity for high security. To ensure durability and low weight of only 3.9 kg the chassis and 1.3 kg the swing arm, the structure is made of aluminum alloy 6081, with a special heat treatment.

    The bike has a Leroy Somer brushless DC engine giving a power of 2.500W, specially developed for this bike by the French company.

    The battery is integrated in the chassis, so it gives security against bumps and harsh environmental conditions. It is made up of many small AA lithium-ion Sony or Panasonic batteries, which offer high energy density, up to 190Wh/kg, never seen on a two-wheel electric vehicle. All in one security, each stack is composed of three security systems. This combination provides 48V and 18A/h, fully recharged in about four hours and has an estimated life performance of 1000 cycles. Thus equipped the electric bike has a range of about 30 to 40 k; 60 to 80 km with optional additional 900 W battery pack at a maximum speed of 45km/hm with SEV Chan transmission 12-58. It's possible transmission of 14-46 (60km/h) on request not registered. As another innovation has a mode called "sleep" which allow to store the bike for months or even years with a constant load level.

    It also features hydraulic brakes Magura MT4 with brake sensor and is equipped with Suntour front suspension Durolux 160mm of travel, a separate hydraulic damper cylinder and carbon components.  It has aluminum double wall 24 inch wheels  and a LCL screen reading immediate speed, average speed, max speed, timer, daily distance and battery level distance. All for about € 4,390.

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