Prestige Electric Car PrestigeElectricCar Electro Force Motors have been reborn in Evoke Electric Motorcycles. The china company ceased […]
Reborn of an electric motor bike
10 September 2015

Reborn of an electric motor bike

    Electro Force Motors have been reborn in Evoke Electric Motorcycles. The china company ceased operations last year because arisen due to differences in views on certain critical strategic issues for EFM going forward. Now with a new name this Company have reborned with two electric motorbikes.

    The electric motorbike Evoke Urban forever changes the 2-wheeled commuter landscape. Moving away from the traditional electric scooter, the Urban S puts you in a vehicle with the look, feel and performance of a motorcycle, while retaining all the benefits of the electric powertrain. Silent and agile, the Urban S lets you carve up the city streets like a hot knife through butter and makes your commute more fun and thrilling than a wild rollercoaster ride.

    Commuting requires a special type of power band, one that provides you with instantaneous acceleration to get up to speed or pull ahead of hazardous situations. Because of it's all-electric powertrain, the Urban S provides you with instant get-up-and-go at the twist of the wrist. Which also means, instant fun. 

    Let's face it, the Evoke Urban gets heads turning wherever it goes. Ultra-bright headlights and LED Auxiliary Fork Lights (optional extras) not only make sure you're seen by motorists, but further enhance the look of this naked, tubular-framed streetfighter. 

    This motorbike have a motor type of hight efficiency and zero maintenance with a maximum power of 19kW and maximum torque 115 Nm, also it has a lithium cobalt battery of 70Ah with a range of 96-160 kilometres.

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