Prestige Electric Car PrestigeElectricCar The Sinecycles Project have borned of the start-up man Bruno Forcella, […]
Sinecycles, a chopper with personality
15 September 2015

Sinecycles, a chopper with personality

    The Sinecycles Project have borned of the start-up man Bruno Forcella,

    “I always had the idea to build a chopper DIFFERENT from anything else. It was quite hard to find a way to differentiate from all those amazing custom bikes already out there and built by so talented people. At last I found a way to do so. An ELECTRIC drivetrain in an open frame style chopper pointing out the main components: the heatsink, the battery housing and a good looking, highly efficient electric motor. Sinecycles shows how this idea is becoming REAL — Welcome to the future. “ 

    The Sinecycles have a motor with 3-phase high efficient permanent magnet motor, aax. Torque 57 Nm and max. Power  27 PS (20 kW) @ 4000 U/min. The battery have max. Capacity of 2.8 kWh and 102V of Voltage. The maximun speed is about 120km/h and the range is 55 kilometres.

    Heat sink for Motor Controller. Connectivity Smartphone app with detailed information about the motorcycle such as the time until charged, average watts per mile, total charge cycles and much more. Customizable riding mode’s performance profile. Synced using Bluetooth.

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