Prestige Electric Car PrestigeElectricCar A smart, fully-electric motorbike with the thrill of a motorcycle and the practicality of a bicycle. […]
Bolt M-1 The Ultimate Urban Transporter
13 October 2015

Bolt M-1 The Ultimate Urban Transporter

A smart, fully-electric motorbike with the thrill of a motorcycle and the practicality of a bicycle.

The M-1 has rugged construction and is designed to handle mean city streets and off-road trails in all-weather conditions.

In Economy Mode, the M-1 is tuned to meet California electric bicycle regulations, but don't be fooled.  At 20 mph and with a range of 35 miles (city), you can ride all day, use the bicycle lane, and park anywhere.  You can even cruise into Golden Gate Park on Sundays when it is closed to vehicular traffic!

Sport Mode delivers pure power, style, and attitude.  Thrill-seekers and the adventurous can rip at speeds of 40 mph and have enough torque to climb the nastiest hills in San Francisco.  Feel the rush of a 110cc motorcycle without the responsibility of a 300+ pound machine.

Keys are a thing of the past!  The M-1 is Bluetooth-enabled and connects to your smartphone.

- Never lose your keys again
- Share access with your trusted network
- Remotely track activity
- Crash detection
- Listen to music (because now you don't have a loud engine roaring)
- Navigation at your fingertips
- Control security
- With an internet-ready motorbike, you can do some very cool things!

Let’s face it, getting around in a city can be a real pain in the butt.  The problem is that most trips are short, and existing options just don't cut it.

Cars are expensive / hard to park / stuck in traffic
Buses are slow / unreliable / stuck in traffic
Motorcycles are heavy / require a special license
Bicycles are exhausting / range-limited / slow
The M-1 solves these problems in a way that makes you look forward to getting around in your city, whether it is your trip to work, to get a burrito across town, or just for a joyride.  Don’t waste time in traffic or looking for parking; spend your time doing things you riding your M-1.

In addition to the nuisance of parking and traffic, there is a need for renewable-energy-powered vehicles.  The M-1 is not only fully-electric, but it uses the most environmentally friendly lithium chemistry available, and our patented batteries are 100% serviceable and 100% recyclable.

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