Prestige Electric Car PrestigeElectricCar Kickstarter is a great platform to see if there is interest in our visión. […]
Daymak EC1, ebike of Carbon Fiber
06 December 2015

Daymak EC1, ebike of Carbon Fiber

Kickstarter is a great platform to see if there is interest in our visión.

Does the world want a Carbon fiber ebike/bicycle under $2,000? Kickstarter opens the doors to the world’s community and gives us the answer. Plus, Daymak’s goal is to reduce the carbon foot print one ebike at a time and Kickstarter helps us share that vision with the world!

The EC1 carbon ebike weighing in at 34 lbs, is a versatile, convertible ebike that weighs less than most conventional bicycles and lets you cruise at speeds of up to 32 kmh/20 mph at the flick of a button. But wait, you can make this amazing ebike even lighter by removing the back wheel with the motor and replacing it with the free, yes free, extra rim that we are throwing in just to make this an even more incredible product to our early backers. By replacing the back rim, which has the motor, with the regular rim that we are providing for you, you can turn your already super light carbon fiber ebike into a super light mountain bike for when you want to go trekking, or if you want to use the power of your legs instead of the motor.  

The versatility doesn't end there. You can leave the motor and batteries on the bike and only use them when you need the extra boost. You can turn off the bike and just use it as a regular bicycle and save the power for when you need it, or you can turn on the bike and cruise through the streets, the trails, or wherever your heart desires with the amazing power of this awesome ebike. Carbon fiber ebikes presently retail between $3,500 - $20,000+. We want the final product be under $2,000 and we are offering even better deals for early supporters.

Modular: Exchange the rear wheel with the standard wheel provided and remove the Battery Pack to switch your carbon fiber ebike into a fully functioning bicycle. Save energy for when you really need it with the pedal assist or drop the weight even more and switch to the regular wheel for when you feel like some exercise.

Lightweight: The EC1 uses carbon fiber frame and aluminum alloy components to reduce the weight significantly with the bike weighing only 15.5 kg/34 lbs. Additional carbon fiber upgrades to the rims, handlebars and more can be done to reduce the total weight of the bike even further.

Built to Last: Using unidirectional carbon fiber. We offer the strongest weave of carbon fiber compared to the regular 12K or 3K tow. By doing this we have reduced the weight significantly without sacrificing the structural integrity of the bicycle.

Streamlined: By having the slim frame design you significantly reduce air resistance so you can hit speeds you couldn’t imagine. We also offer racing bike handle bars for those who want to take it to the next level.

Technical datas:
Frame : 130 MMR QR, 22" / 560mm Frame ,700 Unidirectional Carbon Fiber 1.15kg / 2.53lbs

Headset: 1.125" / 28mm Top 1.5"/38mm Down

Rims: Front - 36H Aluminum Rear - 24H Aluminum

Forks: 700C Aluminum Suspension Fork

Handlebars: Aluminum angle 6 degrees 31 x 2.6 x 620 mm/ 26.7"

Tires: 40-622 (700x38c – 28 x 1 5/8 x 1 ½)

Gearshift: Shimano EZ Fire - Right 7 Speed 2055mm / Left 3 Speed 1800mm

Derailleur: Direct Attachment Type: Rear - Shimano Tourney TX 6/7 Speed, Front - 3 Speed

Motor: Daymak Specialized Motor 250W Brushless

Controller: Daymak Drive 24V Intelligent Brushless Controller

Charge Time: 4 - 6 Hours

Levels of Pedal Assist: 5

Max Load: 265 lbs / 120 kg

Display: LCD Multifunction

Weight: 34 lbs / 15.5 kg

Range: 25 - 30 km / 15 - 18 miles

Battery: 24V10.4 AH GEB Lithium Ion self-locking key release, on-board or off-bike charge capable, LED power indicators, start-up diagnostic feature, magnetic connectors

Max Speed: 20 mph - 32 km/h (25 km/h in Europe)

Charger: 110V/220V cUL/CE

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