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Van.Eko a Green electric scooter
06 December 2015

Van.Eko a Green electric scooter

Bio-scooter built from Natural Fibre-Reinforced Composites.

The Be.e is an electric bio-scooter built from Natural Fibre-Reinforced Composites. Yes, that's a mouthful, so from now on we will call these materials NFC's. This material is a modern evolution of what are commonly known as glass-fibre composites, but instead of using glass-fibres as strengthening material we use natural fibres such as Flax, Hemp, or even synthesized cellulose fibres.

In the application of the Be.e we use NFC's in a monocoque construction. This means that the exterior of the scooter is a hull shape which is so strong that it also functions as the frame of the scooter. This has many advantages for the assembly procedure but, more importantly for the end user, the exterior panels are so tough and strong that they will need a lot of manhandling before they could be damaged. In fact we are so confident in these materials that we offer a 4 year warrantee on the NFC monocoque.

That’s why we’ve captured all the boring stuff into a funky design, fitted a powerful 4kW electric motor, thrown in 2kWh (or 4kWh) of battery juice, LED lighting and other high end parts.

The Be.e is an electric scooter, suitable for city commuting and fun trips into the country side. The batteries will allow you to have 2 hours of intense driving range (or 60km range) under the worst of conditions. Be.e is manufactured, developed and tested in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, known for it’s cold and wet weather: the perfect proving grounds for the Be.e.

Max Speed 55km/h (legal 45km/h, can be set to 25km/h)
Range 55km (+60km @45km/h, +80 @25km/h)*
Weight 95kg
Wheelbase 1550mm
Wheel size 12″-3.50 Front, 13″-4.0 Rear
Battery Nom. Voltage 48V (39V to 54V operating range)
Cacacity 40Ah at 0.5C discharge or 20A discharge
Warrantee 5 years or 50000km’s

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