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McFly Electric Bike
24 December 2015

McFly Electric Bike

Hight autonomy and cheaper is possible.

The American company McFly needs 59.000 in the crowdfunding website Indiegogo to built this special ebike.

"We didn't like any electric bike designs offered in the market. So instead of settling we put our manufacturing backgrounds to work and set out to design the best looking, most versatile electric bike ever created. 

We wanted an electric bike that was designed with a ground up approach that would focus on synergistically combining the best of performance, versatility and handling while remaining affordable.

The McFly has two power activation systems: The primary engagement is pedal assist, which works by sensing a riders pedaling motion and activating the motors drive train. Perfect for riding in cities and in groups. The
secondary engagement is the thumb throttle, simply push down the throttle and like that your blasting off. Perfect for off-road riding when your focusing more on technical riding and less on pedaling.

McFly’s direct mid-drive motor increases durability exponentially compared to competing hub motors. The McFly's mid-drive motor powers the drive-train directly, while other hub motors transfer power through the bicycles wheels which stresses the bikes spokes, rims and dropouts.

The McFly has a nominal power rating of 750 watts for on-road usage. For off-road situations riders can increase the e-Gears to access 1200 watts of peak power! It has a range of about 40 km only on electric drive and about 100 km combining electric drive with pedal driving.

The estimate price is about 1.299, around 1.000€.

McFly also has a revolutionary style of eBike maintenance, equipping riders with confidence to know we'll be there every step of the way. Bikes break it's a part of life and electric bikes are no exception. The micro maintenance idea is based off of our plug and play component system. We've integrated the components to easily separate and disassemble from one another, allowing riders to easily remove the faulty component. Riders can then ship the singular component to our production HQ. Where are experts will fix the kink and ship it right back to the user, for an even easier re-install.

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