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Biomega OKO electric bike with style
06 January 2016

Biomega OKO electric bike with style

The Biomega design tradition clearly originates from Scandinavia, even though not all the designers are Scandinavian.

A lot of work has gone into staying true to a clear urban essence, simple appearance and simple Human-Machine interface. The design work is consistently perfectionist throughout the product line and fully in tune with the design philosophy. Biomega is the first design company to dedicate its resources to the bicycle and to turning it into a pure design product. We are committed to designing the perfect urban bike and exploring its frontiers.

All designers involved with Biomega work towards excellence and use the four design principles:   INTEGRATION, DRIVABILITY, DURABILITY and VISIBILITY. Yet every designer has his or her own approach to the perfect urban bicycle.

Marc Newson was the first designer to work for Biomega. His futuristic, technically rigorous and serial approach to design has influenced the design language of Biomega. Jens Martin Skibsted and his design group KiBiSi have been equally influential because of the sheer number of product designs and his unique creative direction.

Beatrice Santiccioli, then Apple’s colour expert, selected the original colours for Biomega’s bicycle collection.

Biomega’s initial design quest was to create a sense of optimism within sustainable transport.

The Biomega OKO have a carbon frame and fork with integrated fenders. It has a litio-ion battery of 36V and 9,9Ah, the power is a motor with 250W and estimated range of 45-65Km.

Biomega have dealers in Europe, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Nederlands, Spain, Switzerland and UK, also in South America, Chile and México, United States of America and Australia. You can check dealers here.
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