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Neox Nata Electtrica italian style
09 January 2016

Neox Nata Electtrica italian style

The Italian Neox was designed and developed with the ambition to look beyond what has already been achieved in the field of e-mobility

Because Neox is an evolved e-bike that does not settle for compromise, created and designed to be electric from its very conception, with superb performance thanks to the sequencial gearbox integrated in the engine, the best in terms of efficiency.

The throbbing heart of every Neox: a patented sequential electronic gearbox with rotary shift and auxiliary motor built into the gearbox. Neox: conceived, designed and built in Italy in the Neox Headquarter. Designed to offer more control, comfort and efficiency than any other system known in the world of e-bikes. What makes F 8.11 special? Because it makes the interaction between the bike and rider even more special. Because it’s a transmission system entirely pivoted on this special device. This system gets rid of any transverse movement inside or outside the motor/gearbox. Full protection is guaranteed by the stress sensor with strain gauge technology to measure torque between primary (chainrings) and secondary gears (sprockets). A revolutionary concept for the performances. A revolution guaranteed by Neox

Neox introduces the first alarm system for e-bikes with mechanical inhibition and electronic protection by PIN code. Besides the simple mechanical locking of the rear wheel hub which replaces traditional external locks, for the first time on the market the Neox e-bike features a standard anti-theft system with mechanical inhibition and electronic reactivation protected by PIN code‏.

Neox offers three models, a mountain-bike Crosser, the Sporter designed for the road and the Urban specially for the city. These models feature a 36V motor of 500W, limited to 250W to comply with European legislation. This engine is powered by a 36V Samsung lithium battery of 10.5Ah. Also these ebikes have a frame in hydroformed aluminum, brakes hydaulic Drako Red and Rims of 28" aluminum.

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